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  1. Big Update!!! The Receiver has landed! Thanks so much @Rob for the quick shipping and copius amount of foam and bubble wrap! The new centerpiece: Carver Receiver 2000 Digital to Analog Converter: Topping E30 Media player: Sony BDP-S1700 (coax to Topping, HDMI to TV) Television: Samsung un65mu6290 (optical to Topping) Streamer: Chromecast Ultra (HDMI to television) Speakers: Bose 10.2, snagged these up from craigslist today and holy cow they're nice. I don't even need the subwoofer any more!
  2. Hello everyone, I was suggested to post my modest setup here and get some feedback. I'm currently waiting on a refurbished Receiver 2000, but in the meantime here is my minimal arrangement. Receiver: Teac A-H01 (Burr-Brown PCM5102 DAC, 50w/2 class D ICEpower amp) Media player: Sony BDP-S1700 (coax to Teac, HDMI to TV) Television: Samsung un65mu6290 (optical to Teac) Streamer: Chromecast Ultra (HDMI to television) Subwoofer: JBL Sub 160 (RCA to Teac) Speakers: Bose 4.2, I also had a pair of Bose 141 in this picture, but those have been sold to fund the Carver Receiver.
  3. That is good advice, I hope you don't mind me copying that. 😁
  4. There are quite a few individual collectors and the increasing number of estate sales will likely be a good chance for me to pick up a few gems. I'm keeping my eyes out for a reasonable pair of Magnepans, or their latest speaker the LRS is affordable.
  5. My musical journey started in the early 80s, listening to Pink Floyd, Rush, Boston, Supertramp, ELO, and Alan Parsons. I got into school band and enjoyed playing various wind instruments, but the first album I truly discovered "my sound" was The Prodigy - Fat of the Land. I made a couple custom speaker boxes for my car, and have been playing around with electronic music and the occasional DJ set. Lately, after a long detour and moving to the Detroit area, my neighbor introduced me to High Res audio, which has opened up a whole new world of audio exploration for me. Thanks Duane, I hope your new band "Belling The Tiger" does great things. Jack White's new album just came out, and I can't believe how excited I was to try new music again. Wow. I enjoy classical, big band jazz, and rock, but my heart belongs to Techno. Current test tracks: Rabbit in the Moon, "Equinox"; and Boris Brejcha "Space Diver".
  6. Hello everyone! I'm a new owner of a recently refurbished MXR2000 receiver, it's going to be the center piece of my "vintage" system, I'm currently in a conundrum of which speakers I should buy/build. I was thinking of a pair of CSS Audio Criton 2TDX speakers, but there are so many local vintage audio collectors in southeast Michigan that I don't really have to choose... But I'm leaning heavily towards the Ohm Walsh 2 or 4, paired with a 10" JBL subwoofer.
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