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  1. Hello!The Carver M1.0t is sounding wonderful!The other day I turned it on and there was a very loud buzzing,vibration coming from the transformer??Kinda scared me!!Today turned on and all is fine.Not sure what might have occurred.Wondered if you had ever experienced this event or had other customer’s experience this.Thanks for any information!

    1. Nahash5150


      If you turned it off, then after just a couple seconds or minutes turned it back on again, it tends to bark a little louder when it starts up.

    2. Tomcat


      Okay thanks!Really a nice sounding amp!If it ever needs repair again,Your the guy I’m contacting!👍Cheers!! Tom.

  2. Sent my junkyard find Carver M-1.0t into Greg for restoration and possible upgrades.He seems like a great guy and an individual who Truely loves Carver equipment and the wonderful people who own Carver products!!!! kudos to him and the whole Carver family!!!👍

    1. Rob


      I just picked up my equipment from him this last weekend. Excellent job he has done. 

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