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  1. @Dadvw @gold98gtp Just to be sure... Click on your display name in the top right, then in the drop down menu, select 'account settings'. You should see a screen like this: Does this work for you?
  2. Even I had no idea those were posted!
  3. Unknown. I don't think we have schematics for that pre though.
  4. Thanks for all the support guys. I will be rolling out the new leadership soon, and one of them will be the Manuals db manager, so I'm sure you'll get a chance to contribute.
  5. I started a google doc embed. Seems to work pretty good. If testing goes well for the google doc, then I'll probably just use Google Sheets to re-create the database.
  6. You have to know how to build a database, understand how to use FTP, and have some knowledge of html and cms - to start.
  7. Those pages are gone - they will never work again. The manual database has to be rebuilt.
  8. Looks like we're missing a few customizations in the editor. I'll fix it. Thank you!
  9. Fixed! Thanks for letting me know. It's a plugin that was disabled for troubleshooting, so it's all good.
  10. (Hashy searches through pages and pages of code...what the hell is wrong? Where the hell is it? Takes a final shot and it's right on...) The aspx links are fixed! Who do you think you are I am yo! (my hero) Ehem...please report any errors or strangeness. As far as I can tell, everything is back to normal except the asp.net pages like our Manuals Database. Thank you!
  11. I never heard of that problem before...but I'm glad it's better!
  12. Where's the machine gun cat?
  13. All - I updated the image folders so you should have all your latest picture uploads.
  14. I still have files to move...hang on...
  15. @Wildcat It's actually Invision, not XenForo.
  16. All members! We only send out bulk emails in the event we have important information. Please ensure you are subscribed to receive 'news and information' in your Account Settings - click on your display name in the top right and go to Account Settings > Notifications. Make sure it's checked!
  17. I'm multitasking like crazy...I'm going crazy...I need a drink.
  18. Migration is complete. Now need to fix the bugs and bring us back to norm.
  19. DNS is propigating so it will be a little while before we get back to normal. We are on the new server though! Woohoo! I still can't access/ manipulate some features yet. The engine is very sensitive to domain configurations. I have disabled some custom features, like live chat, until we are in a better place with DNS stuff. Until then, don't panic if something doesn't work right. Also, please keep content simple, just in case. @Sk1Bum I haven't restored all the files yet...your original image will be back, but, it's too late now you changed your av. Folks, give me some time please. If some of your pics are missing don't worry, I'll get them. I'll let you know when it's time to panic.
  20. I'd say no because pop-culture accepts the Marxist transformation of our culture.
  21. Happy Birthday! CT - CT - CT - CT!
  22. Just look at the new cycles...all this drama about stupid shit we can't change while the screws tighten on things we can. Weird!
  23. No, I understand what you're trying to do. Whether it is inside or outside, it does the same thing, attenuate the input signal. That's what a passive pre-amp does. All I was suggesting is that a passive does everything you want better than what you can do to the amp itself, with much less trouble. I didn't laugh at your sweet spot, I 'quoted it' because those were your words...I was just quoting your own phrase. It was just a suggestion - like I said, if you really want to add a knob, then there's nothing stopping you. I have added pots to amp inputs - it's very simple. From the TFM-35 schematic: The C-1 in particular has about 1k of output resistance so even a dead short at the M1.0t input won't hurt anything.
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