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  1. "You can pull a lot of cores out of those krabbles."
  2. "Dude he's got so much in there it'll take weeks to dry out."
  3. "Ever since I got unfucked by what he said I feel so much better now."
  4. Thank you! This site is funded entirely by generosity. Sometimes @dennismiller55 does a little pan handling but, ultimately, people give without getting anything in return...other than what we have here. This is why I'm very protective of this place, and sometimes I have to wield the big stick while walking quietly...
  5. "Wait, did you want coke or the good stuff?"
  6. to ALL! Attachment quotas for Members has been increased from 200Mb to 250Mb. (That is, the space you have for files and pictures you post/download). Attachment quotas for Novices has been increased from 30Mb to 50Mb. I am considering unlimited for ALL members above Novice. This will require a new hosting plan for our server to expand our storage. We currently have a plan for 100G on our own server (that I manage). I can upgrade to 250G for about the same we are paying now (About $80 a month). Going to a new plan will require me to migrate to a new serv
  7. "You really need to get me more space because it's not fitting."
  8. "She won't do it because she said they have to match."
  9. There are two basic ways to post content: 1) Upload a file 2) Embed a file If you're using a phone (like a noob!) you may not see this next to the 'attach files' files footer: Only certain files are accepted for security reasons. Security is a BIG DEAL on the internet. So we can't simply allow any file to be uploaded or embeded. When you Upload a file, you are copying it from your device and storing it on the server. Often a link will be generated in your post for others to click on and download the file. However, as
  10. "I'd like to wait till the weather is better to look at one of those..."
  11. "Don't point your celery at me like that!"
  12. Indeed it is a good cause. This site is donation funded, and no, nobody gets an 'income'. All proceeds are used for the site operation costs. I bid $110
  13. I often get asked of the MXR series are worth keeping... I think this answers the question.
  14. Where DeadMou5 got his inspiration... Windsor/Detroit rave scene.
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