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  1. Cradlepoint 4G modem. They are made for Verizon OR AT&T last I checked - so be careful with the that. They are a great company. I use a Netgear XR500 router for the whole house wi-fi and LAN. I have a couple of switches and hot spots as well. IMO it's best to have your own router and switches on your local network and don't use the modem for such things. Just let the modem do modem things. I like Netgear because it's tweakable for geeks, but also PnP for normal people. I have 1G fiber optic now, so I only use the Cradlepoint for emergency backup.
  2. As Kevin suggested, please start a topic about your experience and we'll go from there. It encourages more participation anyway!
  3. "I'm the 'flat-earther' just because you're wrong?"
  4. HEADS UP - I'll be upgrading the site software again. Some new features will be available. I'm hoping it doesn't break our theme (the colors and appearance of the site) - but the way it's been lately, it probably will. Still reading through the tech notes...
  5. On the bottom right of the thumbnail, there should be a trashcan icon to delete. Might be hard to see, but it's there. I also just adjusted your group settings. You're the only one in the Founder Group, so sometimes things get missed!
  6. @RichP714 Hello, When you remove an image from your sig, you also have to delete the attachment file from the attachment window. Let me know if you have any more trouble.
  7. "If we keep bringing the sticks, they'll learn to get out faster."
  8. The M1.0 mkII opt002 vs the M4.0t is an epic battle.
  9. "Look it stayed wet the whole time! I need more of them."
  10. Happy Birthday fellow Michigander!
  11. Faulty - Hidden (House, cool vibe)
  12. Because, like the rest of, what ever he has is the best.
  13. I use mkII. In the past it was interchangeable between mk2 and mkII. Still waiting on @Rob's review... Nekked pic: I should have taken a before pic but I forgot. I was too obsessed with getting it clean because it was filthy.
  14. Then you'd sound like me.
  15. It tests at 500W/ch into 8 ohms. ... What has happened here on the Carversite!??!!?!?!! I thought it was all about how it sounds, not the specs!
  16. All, Could you please give Inbounds positive reactions when they post. They need 5 positive reactions to reach Novice. As long as they aren't a spammer or a troll or an advertiser, please help them out. Thank you! ❤️
  17. 'It keeps blowing - should I try a new one?'
  18. "People are losing everything little by little but at least that bitch 'cares'..."
  19. "You can pull a lot of cores out of those krabbles."
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