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Everything posted by Nahash5150

  1. "Damn it's getting hot in here...no don't turn around."
  2. Yeah I watch him all the time. Everything is great until he gets into Jazz... Then I'm like....Zzzzzzzz
  3. "I don't know why I remember that...but just thought I'd tell you anyway."
  4. "It wasn't the first thing I thought of so I'll think about it..."
  5. "She keeps licking me and she smells horrible!"
  6. "Blowing it up seems to have fixed the problem."
  7. Nahash5150

    *SOLD* Carver C-1 For Sale

    I have a C-1 for sale - restored, BillD upgraded, Gundry Filter on SH circuit, Blue LED, and IEC socket (unpolarized 2-pronger). $550 free shipping CONUS. 3 year parts and labor warranty.
  8. "Honey, do you know where the invisible tape is?"
  9. Yeah it's been there since we started using this new theme. Leaderboard doesn't work because we don't have awards installed yet. The dev is still working on it.
  10. Well, opinions in audio don't mean that much...we like what we like. The Sunfire 600 is a tremendously powerful amplifier and I think they sound amazing. There just aren't many speakers you can throw at it that you couldn't drive with ease. They're good on horns and ribbons. They use the Downtracking Converter as a power supply, which is better than the Magnetic Field power supply in terms of efficiency. The Silver 7t/9t's are just as formidable and sound just as sweet. I honestly couldn't choose between the Carver monoblocks or the Sunfire - they're both in the same l
  11. @Brian_at_HHH It's quotes without context so...it's all in your head my friend! "What should I do with all that stuff in the tub thing?"
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