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  1. The Raven

    Key Lime Pie

    Love it! And lemon meringue...and coconut cream.
  2. If you're okay waiting for a week or so, we might have some. We're working on a C-4000 project for a client, depending on what color he chooses, we might have some chrome knobs left over.
  3. Happy Birthday, Bill! Wishing you the best of success with your preamp adventure!
  4. I gravitate heavily toward trucks and 4x4 SUVs, so I was a bit dubious when we went from a 4x4 2015 Chevy Tahoe to a FWD 2011 Chevy Equinox. So far though, she's been impressive. Comfortable, decent on gas, easy to maneuver, and juuuust big enough to haul a set of AL IIIs hehe. Way easier to park, too.
  5. Hahaha thanks for the idea!
  6. Awww thank you, guys! *Hugs all around* No one could ask for better friends. Had a lovely day. Spent some of it shopping Carver for a client - spreading the OCCD! ? Then a fun evening tinkering with fish tanks, catching up with the kids, and playing my favorite video game with Nahash. We rocked the giant scorpion boss battle, burn scorpion, burn! lol Awesome way to spend a birthday. @Rockster2U Green! Flowers. Color! Hope for something other than white, ice, slush, and mudslush lol
  7. Thank you, guys! Coffee is on, school is closed due to ice, so enjoying some quiet caffeinating before the workday begins. Woohoo!
  8. Mine's pretty easy - I love corvids ❤️ Ravens, crows, jays! Magpies...eeeehhh. But ravens are my favorite, their lore is so varied and vast that they truly are shapeshifters. In several mythologies, they're the connection between the universe (or spirit world) and ours, often granting messages or omens to those who watch for them. So it stuck as a pen name and continues to, even though I no longer use it for writing. For now. Maybe one day it will play phoenix ?
  9. Greetings and welcome aboard, Skids!
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