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  1. Carverfest … I would like but I live on the other side of the planet. :-(
  2. I was able to listen to them at Roma Hi-End. They are simply incredible. I don't particularly like listening in headphones, but these are stellar.
  3. I've asked before, but it would be really nice if Bob Carver wrote a post here on the forum. Even a simple greeting to the largest community of its fans on the net. Do you think it is a vain hope? I honestly don't understand why he doesn't interact with the users of his creations, like Nelson Pass's style, or how Paul McGowan does.
  4. Thank you a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. My Beloved JEEP Renegade Limited MY 2018
  6. A Divine music (played by our beloved carver components) may fills this season of joy and all our days: wishes for this beautiful Christmas night. Merry XMas to you all from Italy. Leonardo.
  7. Hello everyone. I have a Facebook group "Carver Audio Fan Club Italy", if the friends of the forum wanted to subscribe, I would really like it. A way to spread the knowledge on the fantastic sound machines that we are so passionate about. Thank you all. https://www.facebook.com/groups/852500158221043/
  8. Is there any hope of reading a Bob carver post on this forum one day? I've been asking myself since the first day I joined the forum. It would be nice.
  9. The industry considers anything over 16/44 hi-res, they start talk of hires from 24/44 pcm. But the problem it's not only software ... If you talk about a streamer device you must consider that only I2S interface transfer separately the Master clock, the word clock, the bit clock and the data to the DAC device. If you think that USB, SPDIF or TosLink are sufficient to transfer all superior resolution data to your digital to analog converters you made a big mistake, because more resolution require more accuracy in timing to be correctly revealed in the analog domain.
  10. I don't think that a unit that can't stream PCM-24/352 (DXD) or DSD (64-128-256) to USB or better to an I2S LVDS interface can be called "hi-res streamer" Better to look for a SoTm or a Raspberry+AudioGD I2S interface.
  11. BillD C-1 it's very different in sound from the original Carver C-1. Also my C-16 sound very better than original C-16. But belive me , there are a lot of difference from the sound that come out from discrete components or tubes in a good designed preamp than the one come out from a design that use multi stage opamps like XR4136 or TL072, 5% resistors in opamp feedback, electrolytics caps in signal path etc.. IMHO.
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