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  1. Thank you a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The industry considers anything over 16/44 hi-res, they start talk of hires from 24/44 pcm. But the problem it's not only software ... If you talk about a streamer device you must consider that only I2S interface transfer separately the Master clock, the word clock, the bit clock and the data to the DAC device. If you think that USB, SPDIF or TosLink are sufficient to transfer all superior resolution data to your digital to analog converters you made a big mistake, because more resolution require more accuracy in timing to be correctly revealed in the analog domain.
  3. I don't think that a unit that can't stream PCM-24/352 (DXD) or DSD (64-128-256) to USB or better to an I2S LVDS interface can be called "hi-res streamer" Better to look for a SoTm or a Raspberry+AudioGD I2S interface.
  4. BillD C-1 it's very different in sound from the original Carver C-1. Also my C-16 sound very better than original C-16. But belive me , there are a lot of difference from the sound that come out from discrete components or tubes in a good designed preamp than the one come out from a design that use multi stage opamps like XR4136 or TL072, 5% resistors in opamp feedback, electrolytics caps in signal path etc.. IMHO.
  5. IMHO Carver's power amp are very (But very very) good sounding components. There are some other pearls in carver components like the Mash+Tube CD Player 490t or the TX-11 (or also TX-12) tuner. But for the preamps, none of the carver preamp give outstanding performance. I've try C-1 , C-1 +BillD mod , C-5, C-16 and C-19, and none of this are equal to sound quality of a more modern and similar cost (on used market) preamps like, for example, the Copland 301 MK II. Now in my sistems i've a C-16 (Fully upgraded) and a recapped C-5, but only for "passion for the brand". REPEAT... IMHO.
  6. I have the two albums of Dido in 200gr special vinyl. I've bought It in Paris some Years ago for about 10 euros each. It Plays good but nothing special.
  7. 1.Vanessa Fernandez - Use Me - 2x180g. 45rpm Vinyl it's a MUST HAVE !!! 2.Chie Ayado - Fifty - 1x180g 33rpm Vinyl It's a MUST HAVE !!! 3.Emi Fujita - Camomille Best Audio - 1x180g 33rpm Vinyl It's a MUST HAVE !!! All these are Wonderful playing vinyls, and wonderful voices to listen to. Good Shopping
  8. I must confess that i use it. And the incredible is that to my ears seem to work (a little but to work). I never understand if it's a psyco-effect or not... but anyway i still continue to use it. My curiosity is about the opinions of who in this forum has tested this disc.
  9. Hello, i've a curiosity, who in the forum use the DENSEN De Magic, and in your opinion it's working or not ?
  10. Brian, welcome to the thecarversite.com & Greetings from Italy.
  11. My favourite album at the moment are the SACD version of Chie Ayado "fifty" & Emi Fujita "Camomile best audio" https://www.discogs.com/Chie-Ayado-50-Fifty/release/9710693#images/26694539 http://pikabox.net/downloadbox/viewer.php?file=59494728674455413678.jpg
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