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  1. Long time Member Now Retired - Time to Dust off my passion! I joined this group several years ago to try and bring myself current on the latest Carver Equipment trends. Now that I'm retired, I have plenty of time to devote to my longtime passion - High Quality Audio. Over the years I either purchased or was given various Carver Components dating back to the 70's, 80's and 90's. What I need help with is deciding what keep and what to put on the market for true Carver devotees. I currently have an "as built" M500-T Amp, (2) TFM-25 Amps, C-1 Preamp, C-4000 Preamp, TL-3300
  2. Chops - Two quick questions - Whats the difference between the 4000 and the 4000t I'm looking at Tuners - I don't listen to a ton of AM/FM. That being said, do I really need the 11a or could I just go with a TX 2 or a TX 8 Thanks! Tom
  3. Thanks for the steer - I ended up getting the 4000t - nice looking component! Do I need the Mod & who does them?
  4. kve777, That sounds like a fair deal - I was just about to pull the trigger on a trade with a guy on eBay. I've got a like new CT-Seven and he has a TX-11a straight up trade we each cover our own shipping. Any interest? My CT-Seven is in use now, works and looks like new? Tom
  5. kve777, What are you asking for the TX-11a and does it have the rack handles? Tom
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! I had to move fast if I wanted the C-1 - I went with it! Is there information on the site regarding the BillD Mod? and is there a companion Tuner in that Series? Thanks a million for the input - I was leaning that way- just needed a push! Best Regards! Tom
  7. Good Morning!, I'm in the process of reverting back to Vintage Gear and have a question. I just picked up he Carver M 500t Amp (in the shop getting MkII Upgrade) I also have the Carver TL-3300 Pre/ Tuner. My question is: Which Pre Amp: Carver C-1, C-4, C-6 or stay with the TL-3300? Which is the better unit for the Amp I'll be running? I originally had (still have) 2 TFM-25's and used the TL-3300 as my Preamp. Thanks! Tom
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