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  1. Welcome John this is a fantastic site so have a great time here.
  2. The last time this happened, that I recall, was when I was in 8th grade and we used the shoe box pin hole method to view the eclipse. Have fun those who are driving to get a better look at it.
  3. Love the entire setup. The Marantz is beautiful to look at and I'm sure it sounds fantastic. Is that back when Marantz was made in the U.S.A. or Japan?
  4. Thanks everyone for all the nice comments. I'm getting 2 different pairs from Kev so I can try rolling the tubes in my X10-D tube buffer that's built into my Onkyo C-7030t. Kev up-graded it for me about 2 years back as a Christmas gift he only charged me for the parts. Great case of Karma as well from kev as he did an excellent job on it and made it his first stand alone integrated tube buffer that can be used with any source. Thanks again Kev your a really cool dude Oh please welcome( elemental ) to the site as he just signed up and has a great knowledge base on vinyl. I met him on Amazon as he did a great review of Dire Straits "On Every Street" that I just bought and love. Well I will love it when S.S.D. sends me a new copy. The first copy has miss punched centers that make both LP's almost unplayable. But I was able to hear how good it could sound when I do in fact get a good copy. Wait until you see his two really great turntables and cartridges as he only listens to vinyl and nothing else. A really nice guy that will bring a lot of knowledge to the site
  5. O.K. I'm in (666) to maybe get a back up pair Bugle Boy tubes for my X10-D that Kev placed into my Onkyo C-7030t. If I happen to win I only need one matched pair and the others can go to the runner up.... Thanks guys great Karma
  6. Great story Mark. I promise to do something good for someone else as I have in the past. I'm IN I love the analog meters and have always wanted to use one as my main amp. If I'm lucky enough to win I like the standard lighted meters. My current hafler DH-500 has a leaking cap and hum issues and needs to be repaired by someone else that knows what they are doing. Maybe I can get it up-graded in the future but as it stands I have been using headphones for the last month and being on a fixed income getting the money to get it repaired will take several months at least. What can I do for others? I'll go through all my spare parts for my past 4 new computer self builds and up-grades and should be able to get 2 complete working systems with a little patience and part testing. I can give them to people I know from Corner Stone. Corner Stone is a non for profit business here in Joliet I.L. that has group and one on one therapy for people with mental illness. I myself am Bi-Polar and go there for support Mon thru Fri 9:00 am. to 2:00 pm. The people that work at C.S. are simply some of the most empathetic and compassionate people I have ever met. Thanks for being such a kind man and a valued part of this wonderful web site. Sincerely, Steve Level
  7. I'm in as I have never had the experience of using one one of these and I will pass it along if I don't use it for sure. My number is: 5
  8. Been there and done that. I thought I was being picked on when I first signed up. Then everyone here reached out and told me not to worry about it and I felt so much better about my negative outbursts. We have all been there some time in our lives and the wonderful people at this site feel like family to me now. Whenever I feel like I have been wronged I sleep on it before reacting and find that this really helps me keep from saying something I might regret. By far my favorite site for audio anything and I have made a couple of good friends that I know are only looking out for my best interest when they give constructive criticism.
  9. Thanks I'm in! I use my HD 598's way too often since I live in an apartment and have to limit my main speaker output most of the time. I have been using the C-1's built in headphone amp but would love to try a tube style
  10. Decided to visit "Disk Replay" by taking the bus and see if my 3 hour search could provide me with some new -old vinyl? Picked up "Dire Straits" Self Titled vinyl in near mint condition with a like new jacket.Was their last copy! Grabbed "RUSH 2112" with a beat up jacket but terrific vinyl copy and "Caress Of Steel" in a like new jacket and vinyl pressing. Also nabbed their last copy of up "Led Zeppelin's In through The Out Door" with a average jacket but super vinyl pressing. I then decided to not buy Simon & Garfunkel's " Book Ends" also the only copy I could find but found their latest and greatest digitally remastered Greatest Hit's CD in mint condition for a grand total of $25 Vinyl is back in a big way as I have never seen so many people there looking through all the used vinyl that's stored below the CDs in milk crates in a mixed up mess that requires some serious patience to sort through. I'm sure my knee's will be killing me for the next week or so but it was worth it. Sorry no photo's as I have no camera on my cheapo cell phone. I need to buy a cheap camera if anyone has one to sell? Just good enough to take simple photo's. Please PM me if anyone has a cheap camera they are no longer using since all smart phones have them built in. My cell is a free government Cell phone and beggars can't be choosers since I'm on a fixed monthly income.
  11. I figured out why or what was causing all these bad new LP's They have a glue type gunk on them that cause the pops and it can be removed with a soft eye glasses type of cloth. I also cleaned a few of the old records I bought from "Disk Replay" and 4 of them played back great after I cleaned them and used this cloth. So the only bad luck is the quality control of a few of these new pressings not being cleaned properly before they ship them out. My copy of "The Wall" had this gunk on the second record and I was able to remove it and get it playing like it should.
  12. I finally figured out the only way I can get this hard gunk off my new records. I use a very soft cloth for cleaning glasses and dry wipe the record in both rotational directions. Yes, I know your not supposed to go against the grain. However, it only takes a few rotations of counter clockwise dry cleaning to break free this gunk from the pressing process and then I dry clean it clockwise a few times. It worked perfectly. Now my Pink Floyd copy of "The Wall" sounds great along with my new copy of "Four Seasons" Direct To Disk. These new records are the only two I bought that came with this hard gunk on them. So hopefully this will not be something I need to do often. It beats using liquids that seem to just spread this gunk all over the record.
  13. Thanks for all the info. There are threads here and on Vinyl Engine about all the different mixes to make for good record cleaner and I have a good standard one for basic cleaning and use 91% alcohol for a really deep clean to get rid of the gunk. Alcohol will not damage vinyl in any way. It's an old wives tale or audiophile tale that alcohol ruins vinyl or as one guy here stated "gets rid of the protective inner groove coating" that is made of? You guessed it vinyl.
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