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  1. Welcome John this is a fantastic site so have a great time here.
  2. Love the entire setup. The Marantz is beautiful to look at and I'm sure it sounds fantastic. Is that back when Marantz was made in the U.S.A. or Japan?
  3. Decided to visit "Disk Replay" by taking the bus and see if my 3 hour search could provide me with some new -old vinyl? Picked up "Dire Straits" Self Titled vinyl in near mint condition with a like new jacket.Was their last copy! Grabbed "RUSH 2112" with a beat up jacket but terrific vinyl copy and "Caress Of Steel" in a like new jacket and vinyl pressing. Also nabbed their last copy of up "Led Zeppelin's In through The Out Door" with a average jacket but super vinyl pressing. I then decided to not buy Simon & Garfunkel's " Book Ends" also the only copy I could find but found the
  4. I figured out why or what was causing all these bad new LP's They have a glue type gunk on them that cause the pops and it can be removed with a soft eye glasses type of cloth. I also cleaned a few of the old records I bought from "Disk Replay" and 4 of them played back great after I cleaned them and used this cloth. So the only bad luck is the quality control of a few of these new pressings not being cleaned properly before they ship them out. My copy of "The Wall" had this gunk on the second record and I was able to remove it and get it playing like it should.
  5. I finally figured out the only way I can get this hard gunk off my new records. I use a very soft cloth for cleaning glasses and dry wipe the record in both rotational directions. Yes, I know your not supposed to go against the grain. However, it only takes a few rotations of counter clockwise dry cleaning to break free this gunk from the pressing process and then I dry clean it clockwise a few times. It worked perfectly. Now my Pink Floyd copy of "The Wall" sounds great along with my new copy of "Four Seasons" Direct To Disk. These new records are the only two I bought that came with t
  6. Thanks for all the info. There are threads here and on Vinyl Engine about all the different mixes to make for good record cleaner and I have a good standard one for basic cleaning and use 91% alcohol for a really deep clean to get rid of the gunk. Alcohol will not damage vinyl in any way. It's an old wives tale or audiophile tale that alcohol ruins vinyl or as one guy here stated "gets rid of the protective inner groove coating" that is made of? You guessed it vinyl.
  7. Thanks I checked that out and it seems great for rare CD's. Please take a look at Sound Stage Direct out of P.A. They are a great vinyl seller and will check your records for warp and other issues if you ask them before they ship your records. There prices are very good if you buy $50 you get excellent packaging and free shipping. They also always have a 15% or 20% coupon with new vinyl sales on about 90% of the vinyl they sell. I made the mistake of not having them playback my new record before shipping it because I was in a rush
  8. I only have several old records from the late 70's and early 80's and they sound great. I have a very old Fleetwood Mac Penguins LP and it's thin vinyl but still sounds like its a new pressing. Only 3 new 180 gram weight records have had this issue: "The Wall" (Received a 50% refund) "Four Seasons" Direct to Disk( Full refund) "Aja" (Amazon sent a replacement that was super warped) (Next replacement had a piece of metal in-bedded in the first track so they told me to keep it with a full refund) kev mentioned using wood glue to remove the small metal piece and it worked great. However, I wou
  9. I just received my new copy of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" on Direct To Disk 180 gram weight vinyl and it has some kind of glue or gunk on it that brings out tons of pops and clicks and is warped on one side pretty bad. This was a $35 record and I have tried cleaning it both with standard cleaner and 91% rubbing alcohol which helped but it's still too bad to keep. Such great potential in sound quality ruined by this gunk that I can't completely remove no matter how many times I clean it. Sound Stage Direct offered me a complete refund and I have no choice but to take it. Is that $79 record
  10. My fault guys, sorry about that. I thought that thread had been deleted so I thought I would start it up again. My mistake and could a moderator please link these posts to the other "Original" thread?
  11. Thanks for the feedback I'll try Discogs since I don't own a car and have very limited places I can go taking the bus.
  12. O.K. but like I stated these are all used records and all the used LP's I have bought in the past at "Disk Replay" all sounded like crap. This was after about 3 hours of sorting thru about 500 records and picking the one's that looked the best. Ended up with 3 playable records out of the 15 I bought for $40. Not worth the trouble unless I can get a new copy.
  13. O.K.so this is mainly used for 78's correct? All the records I'm buying are new enough to never need one of these components correct? Also what does a unit like this cost? Thanks
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