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  1. I've had its little brother the Cambridge Audio CXN for about a year and a half and have been using it to bring digital sources (Cambridge Audio CD transport, and streaming) into my CT-17 and M-500T Mk II. I was shocked at how much my sound improved over my old Sony CD player. I can only assume that's the high quality DACs at work and your's should be even better. I haven't made the leap into SACD world, but the hi fi streaming sources available on line are pretty impressive. In fact one of the unexpected pleasures of getting into the streaming sources via the CXN has been playing around exploring the internet radios out there. Free is good....free hi fi over a quality system is VERY good.
  2. Welcome Vin-- I have a CT-17 that I bought new back in 1990. It has occasionally had the same problem with a right or left channel dropping. The problem is likely oxidation of the pins/sockets on one or more of the several small cable connectors in the front right of the unit just inboard of the volume control knob. As far as the inputs other than the AUX, I have had excellent service from Roland at Hi Tech Audio repair out in Oregon. I'd bet he could refurbish it--pricing is on his website. The CT-17 is quite complicated/compact inside and I think I'd let an expert help. I don't have experience with the C-1 or C-11 so I don't have any basis for comparison, but FWIW, I really like the sound of my CT-17 paired with my M500t. I'm currently in the process of upgrading the M500t to the MkII configuration.
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