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  1. Group photo from the first Carverfest in 2007. I am told there were a total of 14 attendees. I know that Mark Lucas was there but not at the time of this photo. Perhaps one of the old timers can identify the persons in this pic.
  2. sea

    Carverfest 2019

    I wonder how many of those hats he has!!
  3. Happy Birthday Kingman!!
  4. Wayne’s funeral services are being handled by Sandifer Funeral home in Westminister S.C. Visitation is 1PM on Sunday followed by a service at 2:30PM. Here is a link to the obituary. https://www.sandiferfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Robert-Wayne-King?obId=10577522#/obituaryInfo If you would like to send a card to Tammy, the address is below: Tammy Baumgarner 317 Freedom Trail Rd West Union, SC. 29696 RIP Wayne. You will be missed. Ed
  5. I am not sure yet. Funeral arrangements will be made in the morning. I will post details as soon as they are available.
  6. Russ sent this and asked me to copy.....
  7. It is with a very heavy heart that I pass along this update on our friend Kingman. I know that many of you have been concerned and have been praying for Wayne as he has been battling lung cancer. Wayne spent about a week in the hospital before Christmas with pneumonia. He was able to go home shortly before and spent the holiday with family. About a week ago he returned to the hospital and has declined very rapidly. There will be no more treatment. He will most likely spend his last days in a hospice facility. He is past the point of talking on the phone or texting. Tammy, R
  8. I asked him at CF because he was signing PCB's as RWC. He told me but I cannot remember.
  9. Good for you!! Good luck. I know you will be fine.
  10. It is difficult to the point of almost impossible to open up a ribbon that has loose magnets without destroying the Kapton even with the right tools and jigs.
  11. There are others that know far more than I. I have never owned a pair of the original ALS with 30 inch ribbons but I am told that they require a lot of power that is stable down to 4 ohms or even less. They have been referred to as "amp killers".
  12. Welcome Carsten. Carver Platinums and Silvers are great speakers.
  13. I had not noticed that. This is a very unique item. Maybe it was produced right before the changeover to black.
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