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  1. I picked up the order on Friday. The cost was a little lower than I expected so I am going to lower the price to $30 plus $10 postage. If two are purchased I shipping would be $15 total for both. I am going to list on eBay for $35 to cover fees. If you had already PM'd me with an order I will be reaching out to you for payment and shipping information. Thanks, Ed
  2. I have had a good many requests for Throws again. I am planning to order again but only 25. With this low volume the price will go up to $35 each plus $10 each for shipping. Please PM me if interested. I am going to go ahead and order 25 but I am not sure of the delivery yet. Let me say that these are more decorative than functional. Best suited for draping across a chair or back of a sofa. Perhaps hanging on a wall. Not really a great snuggle up and watch TV kind of throw. Thanks, Ed
  3. I had a small batch of these shirts printed while we were at CF this year. I am going to order a few more and wanted to make it available for any others that might be interested. To keep it simple the offer is limited it to 5 colors (Black, White, Light Steel, Red and Navy). Shirts may be ordered with or without the back printed. So if you want a simple T-Shirt with only the small Carver logo on the front breast area that is an option. The cost is $20 each with a $2 upcharge for sizes larger than XL. Shipping will be $10 per order via USPS mail. Please PM me with orders. Please do not post orders to this thread. I will take orders for a couple of weeks and then place order with the printer. I estimate it will be about 4 weeks until the shirts are ready to mail.
  4. I do not have anymore but I thinking about ordering the minimum (50) if there is interest.
  5. I have two pairs of CF Speakers with stands. I have been using in a surround system that I am dismantling. I use it so little I have decided to go to a high quality sound bar system. I plan to sell one the pairs. We paid $625 for the kits including stands. I will let this pair go for $500. Buyer pays shipping. Message me if interested. I also will eventually sell a Sunfire 200x5 and Sunfire TGP5 from this set-up. Ed
  6. I have a Dennis Miller modified Black Face M1.0t MKII Opt 2 for sale. This was upgraded from a M1.0t that I have owned for many years. It developed a problem and I decided to invest in the upgrade just to keep from seeing it parted out. It has one the new black face plates that Russ Krall is selling on eBay. I am just trying to get my investment back. I will let it go for $650. The unit is still in Dennis' shop. The buyer will pay shipping from Dennis. Here are some details from Dennis.... "I just wanted to let you know I finished the amp. Right now it is in my shop system for listening test. The Black Faceplate looks good in my all black system. My normal amp is a M500t with the black faceplate. Troubleshooting was easy. A cold solder joint on a small pre-driver transistor. I find these old amps suffer from a lot of cold solder joints. So I went over the whole amp looking for weak joints and fixed them the best I could. Over the years we have made some improvements to RichP’s original work. Same electronics but the mods are all on adaptor boards now. Looks nice and makes doing the work easier. This is the first amp I have used Nelion Audio’s (Greg Garska) new High Voltage Capacitor Board. Very nice easy install. You might want to show Greg the attached pictures and tell him what you think. I ran the amp for over 100 hours continuously averaging 100 Watts. The amp never took a hit and ran mildly warm to the touch. The mag coil is one of the quiet ones. No turn on growl like I have heard on other amps. "
  7. Burlington nc I don’t think I’ve ever brought up 300 x 2 to Carverfest. I bought this one from Jesse a few years ago. It was serviced.
  8. Thanks. I will keep that in mind. I think I could make the bases also. I am a little concerned about the brackets.
  9. I am continuing my quest to down size my out control group of speakers, etc. I have the following. I am about to list some on eBay but wanted to give you guys first crack. I can send pictures if any of these items. If you are interested please PM me. Carver AL3's - Black original ribbons. I would call condition a 8 of 10. ($800) Carver Hybrid Platinums - rebuilt ribbons, Honeycomb Woofers. Sound great. Also 8 of 10. ($900) SOLD Polk Audio SDA2B's - original interconnect cable included. 9 of 10. ($400) SOLD Polk RTA15tl's. Condition 9 of 10. Black Oak. Many of you heard these at CF last year and thought they were the best of the Polk Group that I brought. ($400) SOLD More later. I am teetering on selling a Sunfire 300x2, TFM35 amp, C16 Pre. PM me if you see something you can just not live without. Ed
  10. I am putting together a pair of Frankenstein Platinum's. I am in need of the metal brackets and feed.....like in the attached picture. Please PM me if you have a pair from a parted out pair.
  11. Wayne is correct. It is easy enough to design one. The minimum order has been 50. I plan to inquire on a smaller quantity. I am sure the price will be higher. Maybe we could go as low as 25 throws ordered. I think I am going to have trouble meeting the 50 for the Phase Linear offering. Currently at only 6.
  12. Roughly 5 ft wide by 4ft tall
  13. I thought I would post this here also on the off chance there are other closet Phase Linear fans other than Kingman. The deal is the same. I have to get to 50 to place order. One for $30 plus $10 postage. Two for $60 plus $15 postage. Only three spoken for so far. The colors are black white and grey. Bob's signature is in Grey. PM if interested. DO NOT SEND MONEY yet....may not get to 50.
  14. Thank you for all you do, Greg.
  15. I told you to come and get them!!
  16. One of the participants in the group buy did not follow through with his purchase. I bought him out with the intent of keeping them. I have come to realize that I do not need 4 of these terrific little amps. As a result I am going to offer two for sale. These are assembled and tested with the KT120 tube upgrade. These will be the last two offered associated with the Carverfest project. I am looking to cover my cost plus a reasonable amount for the assembly time. PM me if you are interested. I want to be careful how I sell these. No matter what they will not end on Craigs List or Ebay. I am basically making them available to those that could have bought in the original group. I will NOT sell to a newbie with very few posts. I want to be sure I am not taking a sell away from Jim or Bob.
  17. sea

    Carver Throws

    John, I had miscounted. We are exactly 50 if you stay at 2. I will be sending an email to all in few minutes with payment details.
  18. sea

    Carver Throws

    I was just noticing that. Thanks.
  19. sea

    Carver Throws

    Ok. Great!! I have you down for 2 now. Thanks.
  20. sea

    Carver Throws

    We are stuck at 44 and that is with everyone taking 2 that said they would if we did not make 50 and me buying a few as well.
  21. sea

    Carver Throws

    These last orders bring us to 44. Getting closer.
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