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  1. I didn't watch the video but I get it. Just thinking about my sub driver pounding away in realtime 3D:-)
  2. 4th dimension is time. I see 3D object all the time move in time. lol Easy to visualize:-)
  3. Congratulation compwaco! Keep us safe and "ride herd on us." LOL
  4. Welcome Notanaudiofile! Glad to see you have audio geek mode in full swing. Enjoy!
  5. Welcome Sir Will! Have a blast picking out new old gear. I sure have been. Two amps in a few weeks and an pre and now two brand new subs arrived today and they are too big for me to pick up. lol Damon
  6. Here goes! The pre & amp came and are hooked up. Both are working thank goodness. Spent some time cleaning the cabinet and shifted things around in the room. I'm happy with the look. Haven't ever been able to drive the 1.6's like I can now. Better half thinks I'm listening too loud, but somehow I want more. May need psycho babble help soon!
  7. Member here DavidH has been helping me get the remote thing going. Great guy! I've looked at the 650 series from Harmony. Their site says it's compatible. Thinking about getting that one and the original style URC MX-650 thru the guy DavidH sent me too.
  8. Anyone know where to obtain a remote for the TGP-401?
  9. Well It happened again. Now a Sunfire Series II amp is on its way to my door. My Maggies are going to be so happy!
  10. I just purchased a Sunfire TGP-401 off ebay. Let everyone know how that goes. Excited that i'll have my preamp and tuner covered in one component. Not sure what OCCD means but I can infer that i've caught it I believe:-)
  11. Wow folks. Thank you for the nice and quick welcome! Think the 1.0 would do it too, but it's in a friends closet if I remember right. He has it now and it needs some work. Maybe talk him out of it and get it updated with the mkll improvement as part of the go thru? I'll get pictures in a few days. Room is getting rearranged.
  12. Hello All! Hope everyone is warm tonight. Bit cold here is St. Louis like many places. Looking to upgrade my system. I had a M-1.0t back in the day running some home built speakers after friends took out my other cheap gear with Tchaikovsky 1812 cannon's. Currently have some Magnepan 1.6 's that just ate my Harman Kardon AVR8000 receiver. Yes I knew it was just a matter of time pushing those speakers. So now i'm looking at one or two Sunfire 300 amps. I see there are two on eBay. Totally open to suggestions as well. Love that Bob is back! Look forward to chatti
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