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  1. I didn't watch the video but I get it. Just thinking about my sub driver pounding away in realtime 3D:-)
  2. 4th dimension is time. I see 3D object all the time move in time. lol Easy to visualize:-)
  3. Mopardamo

    Carver Throws

    I'm in for deuce! Damon
  4. Congratulation compwaco! Keep us safe and "ride herd on us." LOL
  5. Very nice guy on here David H. set me up with a fella named Mike Jolly that sells remotes. Got one for my Pre that matched the original. Harmony line of remotes is also a source. If ya need contact info for Mike J. let me know.
  6. 4krow is an excellent example of the great folks on this site!
  7. I’ve been looking for a scope. Almost pulled the trigger as a Christmas gift to self. Yes I’m interested. The karma on this site is outstanding!
  8. Welcome Notanaudiofile! Glad to see you have audio geek mode in full swing. Enjoy!
  9. Welcome Sir Will! Have a blast picking out new old gear. I sure have been. Two amps in a few weeks and an pre and now two brand new subs arrived today and they are too big for me to pick up. lol Damon
  10. Happy birthday to TheCarverSite!
  11. I have a problem going slow. Pull the lever back and run in 4H when things get questionable.
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