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  1. Well, nothing that isn't legal...somewhere in the world. WD
  2. David Gilmore - Live in Gadansk Listened to the complete concert earlier today...can I put it into words? No, not adequately. Do I like the effect the buffer has on the sound? Abso-freaking-lutely! Back to listening.... WD
  3. Very sorry to hear this, wishing you the best going forward. WD
  4. We used to use our iMac to watch movies and ended up with a number of movies "purchased" on iTunes. A few years later we now use a smart tv and utilize Prime and Netflix for most of our viewing. Question is...is there a way to be able to watch the movies we have on iTunes on our television? In the past we could share to another iMac we had in the house but that Mac was decommissioned. We can see that our iMac can "see" the television through bluetooth but haven't really tried yet to get it to work. It's an LG smart tv if that helps. Just wondering if we have to get an Apple tv unit to get access to those movies on our tv or if anyone knows of another way? Thanks! WD
  5. Per Greg's recommendation I started with his buffer between specific units but it will go into the tape loop next. Very initial impressions... FX Audio - subtle difference on the positive side. I did sometimes wonder if I was hearing the tubes or the extra gain from the volume control Yaqin - Not sure how many hours are on this unit but noticed much more of a difference in the sounstage and separation. Tubes definitely broken in and very enjoyable imo. AKA Tube Buffer - Initially sounded a little flat but after about 20+ hours of run time I noticed last night and today its really starting to open up. Break -in/burn-in of the tubes I would say? Enjoying it and will report more as I keep listening. WD
  6. Will Dew, I mean do! I think that's where the power unit is. At this point I'm using the tubes they came with but I plan to do some rolling down the road. WiD
  7. Currently in testing phase, started with one of those low cost buffers and then moved up. Big thanks to Charlie and 4krow for moving me down the path!! Ride report to follow... . I have one hooked into each system and I'm evaluating and trying different set ups. Will Dew
  8. Devo (Can't get no) Satisfaction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jadvt7CbH1o
  9. End of the world as we know it?
  10. Dire Straights - Down to the waterline live
  11. Summer - Place either Bremerton or Hood Canal, evening and the sound of a cover band at a fair/carnival trying to play Roundabout off in the distance... Summer in New England - on a beach in Narragensett Bay and too much Heffenreffer!!
  12. Good to hear that you and yours are safe! That's scary stuff! WD
  13. Just as a point of reference, my listening habits go roughly in this order... Streaming Vinyl CD Cassette tape CD & cassette are roughly equal. Ride report will follow once I'm set up and running. WD
  14. Posted this in another thread but it's what I'm listening to right now... Pat Travers - Boom Boom (Out go the lights)
  15. Summer at Lake Chelan chilling at my granparests place near Wapato Point/Manson...
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