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  1. Well, I pucked up again. Switched out the Hafler and pucked up the M500T. It certainly doesn't run as hot as the Hafler does but I figure mo-better air flow can't hurt. WD
  2. Hey folks, I didn't mean to start a Guacaudio war here. Lets just step back a moment, relax , turn up the volume, and enjoy the high powered guacamole!! :) B-man, your post should be put into a PDF format and placed into the manual section of the Carver site!! Very concise and well detailed as to the effects the different Carver equipment has on fresh avacados and spices. Plus we all get hungry spending so much time flipping through that area any way. :) WD
  3. The Mixer/blender, figured I could make guac or margaritas while cranking tunes. 😁 WD I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to wire the wireless player into the network!!! Maybe a toaster would help? WD
  4. Figured I would check with you folks to make sure. I'm pretty sure I can make guacamole with one of those buttons on the C-4000!! WD
  5. NO ONE touches the power!!! So say we all!! WD
  6. Turn the volume down?? Not gonna happen!! I wasn't sure if people would like this idea or think I was pucked in the head. WD PS: I really did have someone slapshot a puck at me once.
  7. Just thought I would show you my solution for keeping my Hafler cool...hockey pucks. This amp runs pretty warm and I was trying to think of what I could use to raise it up and allow more air to run through it where it is set up. Something that did the trick and didn’t look hacked or totally terrible. The pucks bring it up high enough to move lots of air through the fins and vents. Stays much cooler now and the rubber pucks grip the surface of both the feet on the Hafler and the table top really well. The thing won't move at all. My TT in this set up already has custom feet on it otherwise I would use some there as well. Going to order a few more for my other set ups though the Carver units don’t run as warm as the Hafler…but hey, cooler is better right? :) WD
  8. You know, when you are sitting in front of your favorite system listening to the music ...a song comes on and you get that chill because ...WOW! "Dreams" came on from the extended edition just sounded like magic. Eyes closed, enveloped by the music, Stevie's voice is right front of me, back-up sounds like they are slightly behind me and I'm just in the moment. Nice! Then Patrick Sweeney's "Them Shoes" comes on after that and...man I'm digging this!!! WD
  9. Will Dew

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    I was an interesting child? 😜
  10. We were having an audio discussion on a non-audio forum I help run and one member posted a link to a CD-DAC-Transport list/database that might be helpful to know about...if you don't already. http://vasiltech.narod.ru/CD-Player-DAC-Transport.htm WD
  11. Thank you very much for the offer!! WD
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