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  1. I remember that show. I've been a foamer since the 'Wild wild West' Tv show. My dream of all dreams would be a private rail car. Those custom built Pullmans take some serious coin to own.
  2. If I don't slow down a bit, I'll need another wife. I do need to sneak a better turntable in here somehow though..................... And to be safe, that means selling something. Like the TFM25 this is replacing. Maybe a couple dozen firearms too.
  3. When I was in grade school we took a field trip on a steamer from Detroit to Niagra falls. Pretty cool. The thing I remember the most is flushing the toilet & seeing the railroad ties flying by!! I did not walk the tracks as much after that! Heh..Heh. My grand dad worked on the Wabash line.
  4. I grew up on Heathkit,Dynaco, Lafayette kits, etc. The circuit board kits from White Oak puts the old days to shame. Even the leads are all pre bent! Wonderful documentation to walk you through it. I have several PL 400's and a pile of WOA parts here to play with. I wanted my main amp built by a pro with top notch test equipment , so I KNOW it's at peak performance. And on my best days, my wiring is pretty fugly compared to Perry's.
  5. Thanks fellers. I stand corrected. The new control board is a 'G1' . It has a 'dual mono' layout & check out the American flag. I like that on my gear. This is Bonzorro's picture:
  6. I comissioned member Bonzoro to build me a WOPL Phase Linear 700b . Only had it since Monday and I'm having a BLAST! Can't say enough good things about the quality of his work. Also Kudos to White Oak Audio! Approx. 700wpc into my 4 ohm Polk SDA SRS2's . Also, I believe I have the very first new REV.G control board from WO. Enjoy:
  7. Thank you very much! This made my day. Love me some BIG IRON!!!
  8. I now have exactly that ,along with the HF tongue mount tool box. The remote control winch is amazing for an old fart working by himself! I have already twisted the heck out of that winch mount!
  9. I picked up that car right downtown near Bass Pro. Big old two story victorian house & the guy was living in the only room left with windows & a door! Thugs all over. I never pumped a come a long so fast in my life! And yes I was packing heat. We watch Springfield news here too!
  10. Yes, Perry will be getting ALL of my dough! And some I don't have yet. I've only had the Polks a short time. I have added spikes. Inserts were already there! Heh..Heh. I bought a tube of adhesive for the magnets & I have plenty of Dynamat on hand. I have the 1986 blade blade model, so the new crossover boards will not work. I have the new terminal plates on order & the Sonicaps in my cart................... Tweeters last. Although I may buy them while available. Then some sort of entry level real speaker wire. I'm not going audiophile though. I just like nice gear.
  11. I'm about 2 1/2 hours south East of you. Small town of Alton. 700 people. And Springfield is the nearest real shopping to us. I scour Springfield Craigs list daily for Cool auto parts and such. ( Electronics seem a waste of time around here) Have you visited that cassette tape factory? I came up there awhile back & got this cool Mitsubishi Starion. Kinda scary place forr a rural dude. That's cool. I have a minty series 1 PL700 I'll keep stock other than speaker protection. I like kit building & the White Oak kits are extremely well done. I have several PL400's to play with also.
  12. Recent sign on here. Been lurking for some time. Saw a C-1 for sale & registered. By the time I was approved the C-1 was gone! Heh..Heh.( Sorry Jeff! I'd have bought it the day you posted it!) Kept me out of more trouble. I'm Bradrock on every forum I've been on since 1995 or so. Grew up on Dynaco, Heathkit, Allied kits , etc. Still have my Lafayette & RS catalogs from the sixties. Right now running a Classe Audio Dr-5 preamp, Carver TFM-25 amp & Polk SDA-SRS2 speakers. I have a 700b I'm hoping to get WOPL'd real soon. Don't know how much I'll be posting here. For some reason this site seems like I'm on dial up. Painfully slow & stalling out.
  13. 77 Coupe Deville. I'm living in the seventies with no plans to leave.
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