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  1. Hey Will, I live near Glasgow about 8 miles from Middletown, still in the Appoquinimink school district. Small world! More than happy to post gear pics when I'm allowed - I was actually just working on a new thread and couldn't figure out how to do it - then I saw the message about needing to reach Novice status - so thanks!
  2. Greetings all, My first thread here on the Carversite. Very cool site, I've been snooping around it for the past couple of years in preparation for the day when I finally "get around to it" and start working on some Carvers. I do post occasionally over on AK, as I've been working on vintage Marantz/Pioneer/Dynaco type of stuff. But clearly the Carver expertise is concentrated over here, after all this is THE Carversite! I have always admired Bob Carver's designs since I started reading Stereo Review in the late 70's in high school. I am the original owner of a TFM-25 which I bought new in the early 90's and still have - even still have the original box for it. Anyway, in the past couple of years I've picked up a few Carver pieces on the cheap: a C-2, a TX-2, a Carver receiver (MXR-130?), and a second TFM-25... all of which are totally original and all of which need work. I got started with the TX-2: it was functional, but one look at the power supply board and I could see it was sketchy. The R501 resistor is a piece of charcoal and once I pulled it, only measures 9.9 ohms instead of the nominal 39. So going to be doing a repair and recap of the power supply board and then will probably leave it at that if there are no other glaring problems. Next up I began tearing into the C-2 preamp: I love the look of it and it seems to be more than worth a little TLC. Dead on arrival, but I very quickly determined it has an open primary winding on the transformer - not even a blown fuse. So I will be starting a repair thread here and will try to document my work as I ask questions. Hopefully the community will be kind enough to guide me if I go off the rails! Anyway, super glad I found this site and happy to be here - this is an awesome resource and kudos to all the people who have built it up and participated over the years. Cheers! - Steve
  3. Happy B-Day, hoping you got yo enjoy your day !!!!

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