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  1. Cleaning up I found this I anyone using this to set up their speakers?
  2. I found them on Canuck Audio looking forward to getting them fired up.
  3. Just got back from Vancouver and I listened to a few box speakers but when I sat down with the Magnepan 1.6's I just could not resist they have a great sound to my ear so I bought them. The guys selling them bought them new and recovered them to keep the cats off but then didn't play them much so they were like new still had the box. I will try them with my m500t when I get it back and see the results. Also bought a Systemdec II turntable from the turntable store on the North Shore but when I got it home it had a hum in the motor so its going back. My C1 and m550t are in the shop should be ready in the next couple of weeks then I will get things set up and have a listen. I will send some pic's when its ready. Thanks for all the feed back. On a completely different topic I went to see "Big Sugar" at the Commodore and they were bad. I get it they want to be loud but whoever was on the mixing board not very good the sound was distorted couldn't hear the vocals bottom end was really muddy and it was really really loud. We left before it was over one of the worst shows I have ever been to. Disappointed as I really like the Commodore. DrummerJuice and 4RUNNER I am going to try out the m500t and see how it goes if I need to upgrade will let you guys know. I really appreciate the offers and if things don't work out I we can talk about options to try. Thanks
  4. My plan is to take over one of the bedrooms down stairs its 12 by 14. Music will be mostly 70 rock with some jazz thrown in. I believe I will be looking at a sub-woofer in the future but one thing at a time want to get something set up then I can add/replace as I see the need. Tried out some Paradigm Prestige 75f in Parksville they were nice but expensive. I am looking at some used Maggie's 1.6 on Sat and will be visiting Lutus Land as well. I realize by running the Maggie's with my m500t I will probably not get the most out of them so I will be on the look out for a new amp if I buy them. Wife will not be happy as well so we will see.
  5. I am on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada, and its a bit isolated for good stereo equipment. I bought the C1 and m500t new in the 80's and ran Magnepan MGII's and at the time I thought the sound was great. I but I also had a cat and unfortunately she thought one of the speakers was a scratching post. That was the end of that also my wife was not all that impressed with the size. Since then the C1 and m500t have been stored. Time to get them back in service I think. I am headed into Vancouver next week end to get my c1 and m500t checked out and possibly get the MKII mod done and the same time I will be listening to some speakers. Would like to keep the price under $1000.00.
  6. Anyone have any experience with KEF Q7 towers with the m500t? I am looking at a used pair.
  7. Wow thanks for all the responses gives me something to think about I am headed into the big city next week to drop off my C1 and m500t to get cleaned up and refurbished, not sure if I will have the MKII modification done but am thinking about it. At the same time I will be listening to some turntables and speakers and will let you know what I come up with. Any and all comments are appreciated as I am learning as I go. Thanks again
  8. I am new to site and am looking for advice on setting up my system . I have a m500t amp and a C1 pre amp and am thinking of buying a Pro-ject T1 turntable and a pair of Magnepan LSR speakers. Any thoughts on this set up? Thanks
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