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  1. If Cabin 5 comes back, it may be worth a trip. 😉 Tentatively, yes!
  2. Sorry to hear this, @Charlie. 😢
  3. Diversity of opinions should be welcome, and civilized debate should be the coveted crown jewel, but alas 'tis been lost to trenches and moats that we are now digging around ourselves, perhaps in the name individuality. John Donne's 'No Man is an Island' is worth a read.
  4. I did. The ability of the people to gather inside Michigan Capitol is by itself the sign of freedom accorded for such protests. Is the lockdown itself justified? No, but, given should be a voluntary act. When it becomes an enforced directive, is where the crux of the debate lies. Is #AloneTogether conveying the message? It is very tacky indeed. COVID-19: The CIDRAP Viewpoint postulates a 2-year cycle. The macroeconomic costs of a global influenza pandemic - PDF (from Purdue) is an interesting study, and worth
  5. That is a much better estimate. 5-7% is a horrible toll. I was using JHU's web page, which currently has 1.12M infected confirmed, and 65K deaths. I am ignoring all projection models, and just using the JHU numbers (even if they are higher than actuals). I agree that such measures are draconian. They are meant to address incidents like Chicago house party host’s mom is first responder ‘astounded’ by son’s behavior: reports . Common sense should be the prevalent norm. I had much rather see cooperation between populace and authorities, instead of a confrontational
  6. If we assume 5-7% mortality (as it currently stands), and 60% population (~192M+) providing herd immunity, there is 8M+ (~ 328M * 5%) population loss in US alone. This is approaching the 1917-1920 Spanish Flu numbers. The 'emotional' aspect (and trauma) of such loss is much more than the numerical aspect of it. (perhaps this belongs in the CoVid thread). Potentially, with collaboration and modern video editing techniques.
  7. Do you have an email address that I can use?
  8. The COVID-19 virus continues to impact the number of initial claims and insured unemployment. This is US-only data. Globally, COVID-19 has exposed the fragility of our economies. The impact is not only to those who currently are/recently were in the workforce, but to those who are retired as well, due to the dependency on the existing economies shrinking, which also support the retired.
  9. Thanks, @CT-Seven. @dennismiller55 always does really good work.
  10. I have watched this twice over. I also enjoy Billy Gibbons as the father of Angela (Conlin) in Bones. His on-screen 'grandson' has 'Staccato' in the name.
  11. Currently located @dennismiller55. Price TBD. The colored LEDs can be changed (currently it is Cool White - my favorite).
  12. Morbid and tragic, but somehow appropriate...
  13. I paid almost 100USD (for a 16lb, ~7Kg package) for a recent cross-border shipment. 😢
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