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  1. Concrete Cowboy | Official Trailer | Netflix is an interesting movie. Also, touches on how innovation (trucks) leads to obsolescence (of horse trains).
  2. #18 and #7 are much better to/for my ears.
  3. The factory PS does not provide enough current. With the additional remote needs, it is better to replace it with a stronger PS.
  4. Do you have an email address that I can use?
  5. Thanks, @CT-Seven. @dennismiller55 always does really good work.
  6. I have watched this twice over. I also enjoy Billy Gibbons as the father of Angela (Conlin) in Bones. His on-screen 'grandson' has 'Staccato' in the name.
  7. Currently located @dennismiller55. Price TBD. The colored LEDs can be changed (currently it is Cool White - my favorite).
  8. Morbid and tragic, but somehow appropriate...
  9. A black-face CT7, at that. Beyoootiful!
  10. George Solti, et al., ELP...
  11. I highly recommend Douglas Hofstadter's book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid for anyone who enjoys T and F in D Minor.
  12. I have a couple of Carver CD units - SD/A 360 (changer, Pioneer-built), SD 490t (Kyocera or Bennytone), DTL200MkII. I like the 490t. Used to have a Sony SCD777ES, which is an excellent player, but very hard to find. Consider a more modern player instead of a Carver. Pioneer Elite players may be a good choice.
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