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  1. @DadvwI've got a yaqin ms-22b phono preamp, which I've heavily modified. It sounded good to boot. I've never heard one of their amps, though. How would you characterize the sound? How does it fair against some western amps (e.g. McIntosh, Cary, Audio Research)?
  2. johndoe123

    New Jazz Albums

    I've had the new, live album by Jon Batiste, 'Chronology of a Dream' in heavy rotation. It's an incredible sounding and beautifully composed work by a very talented young pianist. The album ranges from trad jazz to Bebop and beyond.
  3. I love those ls50s! Recently had the chance to audition them. They sound great!
  4. Just curious if any of you Carver heads are local to me.
  5. I love your aesthetic! Really bad ass system! Which tube amp is that?
  6. @MRHPBadass setup! How does that TFM-75 compare to the Carver Research amp? I've always wanted to hear one of those!
  7. @Brian_at_HHH thanks! The plinth is predominantly a material called 'richlite'. It's essentially many thousands of pages of paper laminated together. It's extremely dense and non-resonant (but boring to look at), ideal for a turntable. I veneered the top and framed it with the Maple you see. All in the thing weighs nearly 70lbs, so very stable. The tone arm is custom, based on the dimensions of the venerable Rega rb300. It was built by a fellow I found on eBay. It sounds superb and is a treat to use!
  8. @Rod_H they sound fantastic! Very open and detailed. Honestly, the Sonic holography feature on my c-1 really snaps things into focus with them. Not sure if this is related to the back wave being slightly canceled or what, but with SH engaged they sound almost electrostatic! I will never part with them!
  9. Yes those are the vifa ring radiator tweeters! Here's a link to the speaker design. https://sites.google.com/site/undefinition/diy-sunflowers
  10. The main picture is a bit old, but my living room is a mess right now, so no current pictures other than my turntable.
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