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  1. First real system was this Integrated amp with a Panasonic 8 Track Player and Girrard TT. Speakers were 2 Radio Shack in my DIY cabinets.
  2. Welcome. This is not the original page when I tried the M1.0t mkII but the testimonials peaked my interest several years ago. I remember reading Rich's challenge that if you didn't like the modded M1.0t or M500t after purchasing one from him, he'd give you a refund plus $50. I figured I would try one and then make $50 when I returned it. I got hooked and now have 4 of the M1.0t mkII opt002 and a M500t mkII. The circuit design used to be on this site: http://www.carvermk2.com/default.htm
  3. LT are you still out there?
  4. I will always remember is contagious smile. Never seen him without it.
  5. Anyone have an update on BarryG?

  6. B&K used that same remote for the Reference 50 Pre/Processor but was programmed with their codes.
  7. WHOA!!!! I haven't been here all month and just seeing this. Last time I saw Barry was in Alexandria at a Carver meet and at Marks jam session right outside of Columbia Md. One day Barry ND I sat in my basement listening to music and picking out songs and track we both enjoyed. Rest easy my friend as you transition. This is sad news for me and I'm sure for all that know him. I just tried calling and it rolled to voicemail. My prayers with him and the family.
  8. That is sad news. My condolences to his wife and family.
  9. That sounds good Barry. Greg is going through difficult times too though unless there's 2 Gregs here.
  10. Great hearing you have improved. Keep moving forward and continue staying positive.
  11. Pulling for you Barry. Keep your faith and head up.
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