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  1. Hello All Some more info as system setup has changed and equipment list is growing; In response to the speakers I am using. I have two 1.0t's each bridged driving SVS Prime Towers, a 200t bridged driving home built open baffle center, a 200t driving open baffle side surrounds, 1.5t driving a passive 10" sub off one channel. Yamaha TSR-7810 feeding amps and driving 2 atmos DIY open baffle speakers. New goal, Save up to get a dedicated preamp then redo amps as necessary. The SVS towers really like the 1.0t bridged, really brings out midrange for music. I think it has to do with the Yamaha only delivering 1 volt max on preouts. Also running thru ADC Sound Shaper Thirty Three and Audio Control Rialto Equalizers. Think the Rialto needs a recap. Thanks to all for the warm welcome. Have a Great Day! Brent
  2. Welcome to the site Terist, There are a lot of helpful folls here. I am new to the site also. My name is Brent, from Arlington, Wa. Love the stained glass WSU, I graduated in 2003. GO COUGS!
  3. Hello all, just finally figured out how to post pics. I won't overwhelm yet, thought I would start with one. Thanks for sharing all your priceless knowledge.
  4. Welcome Greg, My name is Brent, I just joined and live in Arlington. I myself just recapped my 1.5t, I bought the capacitor kits from Les at Circuits and Concepts thru ebay, He was very helpful and his instructions are excellent. Take Care Brent
  5. Good Morning to All, My name is Brent and I live in Arlington, WA. I have been bitten by The Carver Bug the last few years. Carver that I own: 2 - 1.0t's 1 - 1.5t 2 - 200t's Been in the process of recapping all of them. Been reading info here for awhile and your resources are greatly appreciated. Lookimg forward to hanging out here from time to time.
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