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  1. Looking for a remote for a “receiver 2000”. PM me if anyone has a working  one to sell. Thanks

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    2. Joe C

      Joe C

      Point well taken. Thanks for the heads up.

    3. Rob


      Hey Joe. Just another heads up. The remotes for the receiver are pretty much like a gain control on the volume buttons. You have to still use the volume knob to control the sound level and then the remote will add or subtract so many decibels. It won't go from min. to max. I usually put electrical tape over the remote sensor while I work on them because my shop has florescence bulbs and it will make the receiver go crazy like Robert R said. 


      Good luck finding a remote. I am out of them. 

    4. Joe C

      Joe C

      Thank you as well Rob. This is great info as well. I think perhaps I’ll pass on the remote. Not to mention there may be problems with that circuitry I’d have to deal with as well. I use to own a 2000 back in the 80’s. Totally forgot about that was how it was controlled. I’m also thankful for comment for refreshing the memory 😱

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