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  1. Well, I've been away from the site for over 6 months.  During that time I have received two M 1.0t amps back from Greg for the works (Mk II opt 002).  I sent them in one at a time and planned to put one back in the system to do some comparison testing between a stock amp and a modified one.  What a waste of planning.  I put the left amp in place and powered the system on.  The two amps are bi-amping some Paradigm Monitor 9 speakers.  As soon as the system switched on my head snapped to the left!  What a stunning difference between stock and Greg's mods!  Seriously - I was stunned.  The difference between the two was unbelievable.  The left side was sharper, crisper, taut, and so much more full than the stock right side.  I thought I would be hearing subtle differences between the two amps but it wasn't even close.  There is no question in my mind that Greg's updates are well worth it and the workmanship/craftsmanship is excellent.


    During the past year I have made significant changes to my complete home theater system.  I added a Yamaha Aventage RX-A6A 11.4 channel receiver and filled out my system with all Paradigm speakers.  I have the Monitor 9s for the front, an LCR 350 for a center channel powered by another M 1.0t, rear LCR 350s powered by another M 1.0t, ADP 350 dipole side surround, and Titan V2 for front and rear presence.  I have a Signature True Subwoofer in one front corner, a 12" Miller and Krisell sub in the other front corner, and a Polk 10" sub in the rear.  I plan to add another True sub in the near future.  Looking for a good one.  I have three more M 1.0ts that I will sending to Greg over the next several months for his full upgrade.

    1. AndrewJohn


      Welcome back, @K6BUK!


      Nothing better than having a head-snap moment when you turn on a new/refreshed amp in your system! 😉 


      From your description, your system sounds like it would be very cool to post a picture or two in the USer's Systems thread. 😉  Can't wait to see all those speakers you have configured.  a friend of mine has the Paradigm 9's, and loves them.



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