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  1. When will the manuals section be back fully? Hoping to find some schematics of the Sunfire Classic Vacuum Tube Preamp.
  2. Just checked EBAY. There are two C-19's listed in the $1200.00-15.00 range. Last time i saw a Sunfire Classic tube pre, it was at $1800.00
  3. This; Cassette into my PC then cleaning up and enhancing with Magix Audio Cleaning Lab then converting and exporting to my FLAC folders http://record.ticro.com/record/jacket/B00003044.jpg
  4. I have pop up blockers, malware scanner and antivirus software all disabled...still no go....
  5. Tried several; IE, Opera, Pale Moon and Comodo Dragon......Have logged out and in several times for good measure
  6. It just takes me back to the same page that lists the model names and whether it is an owners or service manual and when i click(right or left click, doesn't matter) it will not open.....
  7. Hmmm...the link takes me here-http://thecarversite.com/yetanotherforum/default.aspx?g=posts&m=242793#post242793
  8. When i go to the Manuals/Reference Library page and click on a selection, nothing happens. I used to get a dialog asking if i wanted to open or download a selection...nothing happens now....
  9. Is there a sub-forum for carver(or Phase linear) tuners??
  10. I have alread posted in the preamp and WTB sections and have great responses and help from other members. Aliitle about myself..Long time audio and electronics nut, built my first kit amp, a 3watt monster tube unit from Olson electronics back in 1966. From there i have owned and sold and owned again a plethora of solid state 2 channel audio (if i had all of the different pieces i have owned ever at this very moment, at todays prices for vintage, it probably would be worth well over $80,000.00). After a number of years of having a surround A/V system, i have decided to venture back into 2 channel again. I just got my fourth ever Hafler DH500 amp and have re-aquired a Kenwood KT900 tuner(like i first bought in 1979). Instead of a Harman Kardon Preamp, HK725 like i had then, i decided a Carver preamp is going to be the master control for the system. I have just located a couple of pre units and am making the final deals. Let the fun begin!!! (The man himself and yours truly!!!)
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