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Some new MFSL UD1S albums that are coming

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  • Community Admin

I just got off the phone with Music Direct, and there are several new UD1S releases coming next year.


Cannonball Adderly - Something Else     UD1S 2-022

Carole King - Tapestry      UD1S 2-030 (maybe by the end of this year)

Eagles - Hotel California     UD1S 2-028

James Taylor - Greatest Hits      UD1S 2-031

Van Halen - Van Halen     UD1S 2-032

Van Halen - II     UD1S 2-033

Van Halen - Women & Children First     UD1S 2-034

Van Halen - Fair Warning     UD1S 2-035

Van Halen - Diver Down     UD1S 2-036

Van Halen - 1984     UD1S 2-037

Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain     UD1S 2-038

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew     UD1S 2-039

Alan Parson's Project - I, Robot (45 rpm)     UD1S 2-040

Alan Parson's Project - I, Robot (33 1/3 rpm)     UD1S 2-041 


So today I spent over $3K preordering vinyl. So much for retirement in 2022. :D 


In case anyone else is interested, their phone number is 312-433-0200


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  • Community Admin

Music Direct is part of MOFI, and the shipping charges are waived on purchases over $49. You'll pay full shipping at MOFI. 

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  • Community Admin

Three more Eagles titles have been scheduled for UD1S production, and scheduled for release in 2022:


The Long Run, UD1S 2-029

One Of These Nights, UD1S 2-027

On The Border, UD1S 2-026


Electric Light Orchestra, Eldorado was originally scheduled a couple of years or so ago. It was cancelled, and has now been rescheduled. If you ordered it the first time around, you'll have to redo your order.


ELO - Eldorado, UD1S-015


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