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  1. iamjohngalt

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kingman!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Wayne. Wish you many more 🎂
  2. iamjohngalt

    fxbill turns blue

    Welcome and thanks for all the tube tutoring, Bill.
  3. iamjohngalt

    8 Ohm Dummy Load Karma

    Great Karma, Dennis. It would help me get mt broken amps working again. Please include me IN this karma.
  4. iamjohngalt

    Storage backup suggestions

    I recommend use of Windows 7. Win 10 includes code to eliminate any data privacy on your computer. MSFt takes your private data, sells it to anyone who wants it, and it will definitely end up in the hands of nefarious government agencies. They do this with your consent as the contract you agree to by using W10 allows them to do so. It is still possible to use W7 and to update it while excluding the invasive code that MSFT repeatedly forces down users throats. I don't want my computer feeding the monsters that seek to enslave me. The federal government has been such a monster for over 100 years.
  5. iamjohngalt

    Modern touch screens and Carver gear

    As I understand it, the main reason for using a better quality (2.5 or higher amps) power supply for the RPi is to provide ample power for USB drives plugged into the RPi. I don't do that only because I am often using the drives that contain music for other storage on my pc, but it makes sense to have a music drive plugged in to the RPi. Brian, you have a better DAC hat than I do - mine is an inexpensive ($12) Chinese knockoff of the Hifiberry DAC that I bought just to test the concept. I find it is a bit lighter on the low end than I think it should be and I'll be upgrading when I have time to research the alternatives.
  6. iamjohngalt

    Modern touch screens and Carver gear

    I'm listening to music streamed from my pc (located in my office) through a RPi (with DAC hat) wired input to our new preamp wire connected to a Carver TFM amp and Maggies in my living room. Volumio (open source) is the boot software on the RPi. That serves a web page to any browser on my wifi. It works. It sounds good, although I know there are better DAC options than the RPi. The software interface to the drives on my pc is a bit geeky though.
  7. iamjohngalt

    Modern touch screens and Carver gear

    Touch screens are one of the most infuriating things in modern technology. If my iphone service wasn't free I'd flush the damned thing. But then I'd have a problem with new tech breaking old tech - the perfectly good toilet. Granted, it would be nice to have an improved interface and to get enhancements based upon user needs. Unfortunately such enhancements will require extensive, very detailed programming. If the recent iphone and ipad and android are any indication, imo, the technology needs to improve, too.
  8. iamjohngalt

    Poll: Analog or digital music source:

    Digital - Convenient, economical quality. If I had to pay for all the music I listen to, I couldn't afford my amp or speakers ;^) Fortunately streaming is good quality and either free (with ads) or very economical to enjoy. I carry a micro USB on my key chain so that I can listen to some favorites either in the car or the stereo at home (using a RaspPi with DAC.) The only vinyl I still have are recordings of family members from years ago.
  9. Connery's Bond, the only Bond, shaken not stirred. Daniel Craig is a pathetic castrated feminist sack of lady boy.
  10. iamjohngalt

    Butterflies in the kitchen.

    It's nice to see monarchs in the yard again. I had to save a monarch from a spider web on the lantana this week. It was that spider's 2nd chance after I tore down his web and moved him across the yard a few days earlier. He won't be catching any more butterflies until his reincarnation.
  11. iamjohngalt

    Rest In Peace Senator McCain

    Looting statist to his last breath.
  12. iamjohngalt

    What are you listening to?

    Here is another song that I think is from that same concert and she mentions her age is 13.
  13. iamjohngalt

    Image hosting service

    I have my own domain(s) hosted with A2 hosting. Virtually unlimited bandwidth and online storage and I can also host unlimited websites for about $10 a month. I also have my email running there and it is much more secure than using gmail or any other cloud services. Uploading files is as easy as drag and drop with the free program Filezilla. (If you only want to do a single domain its even cheaper.) You can even put password access on your images so they are less likely to be spread to people you don't know.