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  1. Private Internet Access (PIA) Been using it for 3 years. Lots of servers including overseas, which is useful for streaming programs from other countries that are often restricted to the country of origin.
  2. iamjohngalt


    I see you are near Wilmington. I've been to Wrightsville hundreds of times and have relatives in Pender County. I already have my limit on amps but I'd guess you will sell that one soon at that price.
  3. iamjohngalt

    What are you listening to?

    Yes, so nice. (The piano player reminds me of Jack Lemmon.)
  4. iamjohngalt

    Society woes

    P U K E (Literally... hold the damn camera still and stop waving your hands pretending that's talent.) More eye candy, more talented, and better music without the nauseating camera tricks ;^)
  5. iamjohngalt

    Society woes

    Calling rap dogsh*t is an insult to dogsh*t.
  6. iamjohngalt

    What are you listening to?

    Happy Independence Day!
  7. iamjohngalt

    $10,000 retainer to fix an AIR BAG light?

    Still loving my '99 MX-5. It is the 5th MX-5 I have owned and all have been very reliable and great fun. Insurance and replacing tires have been the biggest expenses over 29 years of exhilarating driving. (I wouldn't mind a bit more torque but the cost/fun ratio is excellent ;^) As for less than satisfactory stories, I owned a '74 Jensen Healy bought at a year old. The Lotus engine was a blast to drive, but it leaked oil like a sieve when it warmed up. Traded it after 6 months and repair bills of about 25% of the car's purchase price. Haven't owned a European car since then.
  8. iamjohngalt

    Free Trade

    The date may be on July 4, but the celebration is for I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-C-E D-A-Y With all due respect to Canadians, I won't trade Independence for anything.
  9. iamjohngalt

    Carver MXR-130 > A Good Deal

    Dennis, I am amazed at the low prices of the Carver "high power" receivers when compared to the other respected brands of the era. Yes, there are a few parts that will need replacement, but that is expected of receivers of that age.
  10. iamjohngalt

    Genuine Snake oil - only $299/1.5ml!!

    I hope everyone who recognizes this as snake oil uses a like thought process before his next "investment" in shares based upon "analysis" from anyone connected to Wall Street. Audio marketing can't even compare to the snakes on Wall St.
  11. iamjohngalt

    Maggies MG1.6/QR for sale

    I have more speakers than I have room so one pair of Maggies must be sold. My CL ad https://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/ele/d/near-new-magnepan-mg16-qr/6622133371.html Discounted to $999 plus shipping to a buyer here.
  12. iamjohngalt

    What are you listening to?

    Even better than the other one ... Better quality recording, cool guitar solo, not to mention the gams.
  13. iamjohngalt

    What are you listening to?

  14. iamjohngalt

    Who uses which media for primary listening and why?

    I could not hear a difference between an external USB DAC box and the ASUS Xonar card in the same pc at the time but I have better speakers now. Since that you mention it, I will have to do a listening test of that old ASUS Xonar card vs the RPi DAC just for fun.
  15. iamjohngalt

    Who uses which media for primary listening and why?

    The audio-specialized storage products appear to be at extraordinarily high prices for a little arguable convenience. A 2TB USB drive is $50, 4TB is about $90, and any pc made since 2014 with easy to use open source software can rip from cd's to lossless FLACs, WAVs, or lossy MP3s (usually at 6x or faster the normal dc playback speed.) Anyone who can understand how to get email online can do it. For playback the pc sound circuitry included on the motherboard can be improved upon with either an add-on internal card or a USB external AD/DA converter. I have had good sound results from both. As I mentioned earlier, the PiFi DAC with a RPi3 can be used to distribute tunes (up to 384kbsampling rate, 112db dynamic range) from a pc hd to hifi systems over wifi with excellent results, too, although it does require some reasonable setup time.