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  1. dm55 Is Going To Be A Grandpa

    Congrats, Dennis, to you and your daughter! I will miss meeting you at CFest
  2. Distributed computing

    I used to run SETI in the background, but stopped when I was living in Phoenix. Made my office too hot in the summer
  3. Broken Internal Links

    RE: internal links. Seems like it might be fixable with SQL database text search and replace. I have used that to correct link addresses in a SQL database. One does need to know what field(s) in the database the addresses are stored.
  4. When I don't know how to explain my observations with measurements, I post them here in hopes that someone can enlighten me. Often I am tutored by members here and find objective ways to describe my experience. Sometimes even the brilliant people here are still searching for objective explanations. Sometimes I have to rely on my senses in lieu of currently unknown objective methods of measurement. In those cases I state my own opinion and it isn't a cop out. I welcome constructive, objective comments. I haven't seen any indication that anyone here claims to be infallible or blindly refuses to apply objective methods when they are known.
  5. New Home Karma! 100 CD's

    Great Karma, compwaco. Not in, thanks.
  6. Sad Day...

    That's horrible, Kevin. But don't despair. Dry everything out and you may find it's not as bad as you fear. Have an ice cream or a single malt (or both.)

    Great News!
  8. Your daughter's sentiment is a great gift. Happy Birthday to You, Itch;^)
  9. AI robot

    Everything more evenly distributed? Socialist looting psycho robitch wants to take my Carver amps!
  10. Jim, what you say is certainly true. Every female that listens to my system must be more sensitive to sound than I am, since they all ask me to lower the volume
  11. I agree, Bill. It's clear to me that through history humans have been able to observe things with their senses that could not be measured at the time. To my knowledge there isn't such an objective, consistent measurement ... yet. Our hobby has a lot of subjective jargon that is used to describe things that people consistently observe with their senses but can't explain with objective measurements. Sometimes those using such jargon-ese can be quite irritating to my technical/objective side. I'd love it if someone could support those descriptions with objective measurements, but sometimes there are not any known measurements that consistently explain what we can hear.
  12. SOLD Carver M-1.5t

    Congrats to you and the buyer, Barry!
  13. As a Maggie owner with a love for tube amps, your comments on tubes are much appreciated, kev. This week I'm testing some '86 Maggie MG2.5R's that I just bought with fxbill's classic Heathkit W-6m monoblock tube amps (about 70wpc.) The low efficiency (86db) Maggies sound great with an m500t and I have an m4.0t for comparison, too. We also have several different tube preamps to play with. Looking forward to hearing all the assembled gear at C-Fest.
  14. Sharing stories for no particular reason

    Great news and congrats, Kevin! Sounds like heaven ... if it was in an area with warmer winters, that is.
  15. Champaign C-1 listing

    Arright, lt ;^)