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  1. Very sad news. An icon of the 60s and 70s. He always said the Blues was Jazz,
  2. Dennis, was the black faced M500t a factory option or something you pulled off on your own? Never seen one.
  3. A high-end audio store in my town says people either treat gear well or they don't; that there are far and few in between - if any at all.
  4. Very nice shop gear Dennis. I always liked the CT7 that I had years ago.
  5. Are pro tube gear enthusiasts biased ?
  6. Thanks Jim. I'll look into that. Just to clarify > I want to buy another pair of AR9s located in Idaho. Seller only offers Local Pick-up but is willing to accommodate a shipping company picking them up. They need to be shipped to the northeast.
  7. Can anyone recommend a reputable shipping company to ship large speakers cross-country? This would be a pick-up and would need to be packaged for the journey.
  8. And the name pulled is >>> Blues Pwr PM me your addy and I'll ship it out
  9. So its looks like the list of 'INS' are: WJStephens Blues Pwr Zenith4me trav0810 did I miss anyone? The winner will be declared tomorrow.
  10. @Bonzoro > Is that an 'IN' or just a comment? I thought we'd have a few more closet MC5 fans come out........................
  11. So, any MC5 Fans? I have an original vinyl 'High Time' in excellent condition. I probably only played it once and didn't care for it. I got it back in the day when I belonged to a record club and got this as one of the random selections. It has remained in the sleeve since the 70's. Just say you want it and why. I will randomly draw a name on Monday, October 22nd sometime in the evening. Good Luck.
  12. I'll pick 79 for it to go to Dennis Miller. The man has helped me several times.
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