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  1. Has altec, carver, phase linear, crown, pioneer, akai, 3 way active xover.....
  2. I found some Altec 816's that were beat up pretty bad, I restored them and got a pair of Altec 811 horns, I am now building matching subs to put under the 816 mid cabs....
  3. kt tunstall - black horse and the cherry tree she really knows how to loop
  4. Reflections of my life....... The Marmalade
  5. This is not specific to any one lp or band but in my area FM comes in real bad so last summer I picked up a Sirius satellite receiver and I love it most the time when I listen to music I am working and and it is a bit of a hassle to change lp's or cd's so this works out perfect for me and I love the station selections.... This is the one I got from this seller they were only $75 last summer http://www.ebay.com/itm/ACTIVATED-Xact-XTR3-SIRIUS-XM-Radio-W-CAR-KIT-Remote-SPECIAL-/262379989045?hash=item3d1710e835:g:GxcAAOSw3xJVWXPf
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