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  1. Bean that setup looks amazing! It was my pleasure helping out. And of course meeting new people in our hobby is always fun. Glad I could help.
  2. We have been lucky to have enough business to keep us busy that we are giving back with a free ribbon repair to somebody (we normally charge $325 for this service or $250 to site members). We will repair one set of ribbons (2- 60", 2-48", or 4-30") with a the notorious buzz. The kapton should be free of holes or rips in order to be tightened in our jig. We will also check for loose magnets and securely fasten any loose ones. We will draw one name this coming Sunday. Turn around is roughly 10 days. Shipping is not included. So hopefully we can make somebody's speakers sound great again. Ed
  3. Welcome! Great to have such an accomplished individual here on the forum.
  4. I have been in the automotive dealership management biz for many years. I tried getting out of the auto biz a couple times but it always sucked me back in. I am currently at a Ford dealership and still loving the job. My "hobby" job is repairing Carver Amazing ribbons, Martin Logan electrostats, and modifying Polk Audio SDA speakers.
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