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  1. I raced for yrs on a wickedly mod'd interceptor 500 and 1L.. and then prolly 7 or so yrs ago I nabbed a 96 ninja500 with ubder low miles to ride again.. and now it sits not being used on my back porch since my back is so fubar I can't relistically use it anymore!!! ARRGGHHHH (Only got in not even a dozen short rides last yr longest of which was still under an hr,) So prolly gonna sell the beast ?
  2. Ive driven a few of them nice car for the classand the mill can handle some mild boost on stock internals. the 6spd manua as well should be ok for tht but if is a slushboxid have to dig to find spec on its limits. Ohh and treated right it should have long life my brother in law drives an 05 5 door ver.. engine is fine slushbox has a bad solenoidnow though (rough shift to 3rd when warmed up) despite beingrelaively low mileage. (again stick ftw)
  3. oh and i miss my sports cars.. loooong story (a few here know some of it).. but suffice to say one car only for the both of us here and when we last needed to change da wife really wanted small suv esp since we have Konnor (Pink Floyd maniac dancin 4yr old currently and yes soon ill edit and post a vid of his antics... damn im way toooo old and broken forth this again!!! ? ) and needed more space.. i agreed if I got to vito any crapmobiles etc long story short narrowed it to the last Rav4 with v6 (2012) or a Forester XT with CVT (2014 and up ).. since they didnt offer the XT with a stick form some idiotic reason ? (they had 6spd tranny perfect for it already in the wrx/sti) and given its size the NA 2.5 version was lacking even with a stick insteaad of CVT... Well we lucked out got an off lease 14 XT with low mileage... and despite having the needed kick of the turbo 2L driven right it can get almost as good of milege as the NA2.5L esp on secondary hwy speeds. The CVT is far better than traditional slushbox esp for efficiency.. and surprisingly with flappy paddle s# mode the XT is very much a sleeper even stock. ? Irony is daily drive for wifeswork is so close it dosn't barely even start to warm up in the cold.. less than 5min drive typically. and again one day ill win the lotto and get my sports car again.. meanwhile y bike sits gathering dustsince icant ide anymore (mind wants to.. body says otherwise to say the least) ??
  4. only 388k??? damn thats too young for sure.. was it a slushbox? and 06 accord bring unless its a stick at the least or better yet stick with sweet v6
  5. Sweet offer indeed not a chance un hell here but no doubt some will nab some up! Not enough exp here with tubes to comment anyhow with any degree of authority. (rarely ever had a chance to deal with such since I was a kid and that was looong ago) That said q,,, what model of Alps r u using? looks like i need to build anuber basic preamp aka volume only here for a friend with budget of near zero (higher than mine still! lol).. figure might as well inquire as it might be a viable idea.
  6. too far to drive easily butt not that far in the big picture of course as discussed via pm (i missed this post before now somehow) Montreal area would be a good 8+ hours each way from me aprox. Sadly as discussed as well it was simply way beyond my finances.. and for the for seeable future as well (even more s since we talked need need rubber for our wheels very soon.. so there's another chunk! Non-winter tires are beyond the wear bar an running winters in non-winter ish a baaaaddddd idea for many reasons)
  7. again very sweet deals.. ever want to sell off one of that pair! I know a good home that will adopt it! lol (Not likely for obvious reasons but ya never know
  8. Well if you are ever out this way feel free to give a shout (in advance if possible) and you can see 1st hand the disaster I call home lol as for sanity.. read what you said again carefully and then contemplate the irony of that in context with the reality of not knowing any other way.. its a lovely catch22 of insanity As for the "vintage".. I'm not without skills shall we say and while this lowly lil antique technics was exceptionally good considering its "low end" heritage.. simple fact is its beyond resurrection now realistically since half the main IC is toasted in effect and even if I could locate another way OOP part its simply not worth that $ literally. Kicking a dead horse might sound like fun but it'll only hurt your foot in the end lol That said with a lil luck I'll find a nice 500t in desperate need of adoption to a loving home.. while I continue on my insane quest to make a clone of sorts for Bobs sunfire downtracking designs using some parts in hand, a few more I know I don't have and a ton of luck ? (i have some skills yes.. but nothing in Bobs realm even in my wildest dreams) As for homes and pricing.. we did get seriously lucky finding what we have as a fixer-upper that was a P-O-S by the bank..and my father in law is a retired carpenter/contractor so much of what was needed we got labor free. That said even with the uptickin values ours is undervalued for some fubar reason and even if we got top $ for it now its just a fraction of what many standalone homes are going for.. and thats not even anything high class etc either by any means! So it seems if we are to ever get a standalone house that is decent it;ll be out of the main city. (Prices in many places even small towns are crazy.. where I was born a house used to be max 50K for a very nice decent one... and a while back just out of bizarre curiousity I checked prices there and @_@ lowest was over 250K for a crappy small house at best!! (Really should make houses etc a new thread i suppose eh? )
  9. All of my kids got that from the start. nothing new has appeared in longer than I care to even try to count.. and one piece will soon have to be replaced. But that said regardless of what equipment Ive got they always get raised on my knee and listening to PF.. even in diapers. Now my other boys are all grown up (2 of 3 remain now) my 4th (and for sure my LAST) shows the same love of PF and in this case I can catch him on film with my cell.. how time flies.. youngest chanting daily for "pwink floyd" videos and my oldest busy teaching students to play including classics from PF. Something that was never possible with my older kids due to tech changing so much in my lifetime. To think i started with Carver stuff in my teens.. always wanting such and never yet owning it (Carver was a bargain compared to some highend stuff but esp then it was way out of reach of many still esp here in canuckistan) but I did get to enjoy it to some extent via ppl I knew and the local highend shop I got to know quite well. Anyhow one things for sure.. high end or even on some pos "candle" branded stereo.. there is no question they are all raised on PF and DSOTM
  10. Damn! ? That was a very sweet deal! Most of us can only wish to be the right place right time like that!
  11. Nor do I.. and such from me is only ever in jest of course.. That said I'm always willing to poke fun at such and it can be a good chuckle in and of it'self for many reasons. (one of those things that sadly does happen but not much can be done to really stop it completely.. so therefore we make jokes as a part of dealing with such parts of life) Real actual thievery however is a very different thing needless to say. ?
  12. Hmm well I'm mostly Scottish actually.. but never bothered with a kilt ?
  13. Really? Thats one I had never heard before.. but boonies and my wifes work prolly wouldn't work well as there are not many wallyworlds in the boonies and even less people overall.. which is kinda needed for her job in pill pushing) Sad part is even here in hammytown prices are so nuts we can't even afford a proper house here and we've been here for years (Small townhouse/condo is all we nabbed and that was a fixer-upper to say the least). Prices here have gotten flat out idiotic esp due to ppl from TO buying here and then commuting... but thats a looong story again.. and certainly could be a thread all its own.
  14. Well when I was younger I was insanely fast, armed and a very good shot.. Now i'm much older, broken body (litterally) but still armed ? and a decent shot lol As for bulletproof... nah don't need to be.. just blind you with a naked picture of Justin hugging his rainbow unicorn and you'd never see me coming.. or for long after since you undoubtedly would be in therapy trying to wash that mental image from your mind! ?
  15. Not all of BC or so I've been told.. but anywhere near your area is $$$$$$$$$$ worse than TO but that meaning for BC does seem apt based on popular rumors etc at least.. which most definately means I'd best stay veery far away since that is one thing I lack to say the least even more so lately. (long boring story to say the least) That said one day with luck I'll get to visit BC at least
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