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  1. I bought a Roland drum module with that issue. It took a while but finally got the smell to acceptable. I used alcohol to clean as much tar off as I could then i took it out side and let it sun bath the UV helps clear the smell. I also put a small fan blowing air through it. It was a royal pain, and took several days airing to get it to bearable now unless you shove your nose into it you cant tell. Bright side I bought is cheap, made a set of electronic drums for my son.
  2. Well I happen to be in Spain and the whole country is locked down, very movement in the public. So today my asshole neighbor starts playing Regeton so ended in a stereo war haven't done that since early military barracks days. Rush tfm-35 wharfedale linton heritage 1 oclock on the C1 is apparently too much current right speaker was smelling a little, shutdown the asshole, and pretty sure no damage, speakers are still not really broken in. But they did get warm. Played them at normal volume sound normal.
  3. I also scanned the Users manual for TDR-1550EX, but the file is larger than my upload limit 1.8MB ish, messaging Dennis to try to work out how to get it available on the site.
  4. Spec sheet for TDR-1550EX Cassette Deck. Carver TDR-1550EX Specification Sheet.pdf
  5. I had my C1 refreshed and moded and my tfm-35. Sound great I am using a pair of Wharfedale Heritage Lintons, combo sounds great nice warm sound solid bass. Anyway took better part of 6 months to get my gear back, but was worth it. Good luck.
  6. Just my luck, just started enjoying vinyl again. But new pressings many times aren't the best, from what I am gathering info wise.
  7. I can't send PM said I can only send 1 message a day. Anyway I am interested in the 490t could you send me a rundown on it and how much?
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