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  1. Looks like the Carver community has lost a dear friend.
  2. I have a Samsung smart tv and have been enjoying Tidal music streaming -- signal comes to the AVR via HDMI ... I was pretty surprised at the quality, so wondering if I even need a squeezebox streamer for downstairs ...
  3. Fabulous thread -- Just now discovering Katie Melua -- what a lovely voice .... Many excellent recordings ... in female vocal department - I have always enjoyed Cara Dillon .. This is a very good recording
  4. Just joined up here - because I ws lucky enough to grab a FREE Carver HR-895 off FB Marketplace...owner said the amp didn't work, and he cldn't fix ... but no plm for me, because the amp and preamp can be separated (as everyone here knows) ... have a nice tube amp, and the Carver drives it fine ... in fact, the 20+ yr old Carver sounds better than the 2 yr old Emotiva ... need to get an outboard DAC for it ... Is there a more comprehensive list of specs for the unit ?? Looking for preamp voltage, input sensitivity and output impedance ... Bill Clark Southern VT
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