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  1. Eddie

    Hi everyone !

    Ed I just sent you a PM with 2018 & 2019 info for cabin 7.


  2. Hi all! It has been too long of a time from when I posted here last! Hope all of you that came to Carverfest this year had a great time I know I did! Bob was telling me today that he had fun this year and hoped everone else did too! Eddie!
  3. Looks nice Tom you tring to catch up to me! LOL! Hey Kingman get a nice 600x2 with you know what type of speakers to get! Eddie!
  4. Looking good as ever Max! Eddie!
  5. Hi! Mom was born in the USA and her mother and father went back to Oslo after that and had two more girls in Oslo. Now I have not been back in a long time but I hear I may have to go back for a wedding that may happen in next year! Always wanted to go back to see everyone just could not get the time off! You know how we are over here just work and more work! LOL! Eddie!
  6. Nice system if I ever get back to Norway will have to come by for a listen! Eddie!
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