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  1. Z: I like your new avitar. Perhaps an animated one with you playing would be a a scream! P.S the hero in mine is getting very sick. I might need an upgraded hero soon - perhaps Father Bob? RG
  2. Do all PM1200's have dual fans? I will have to check mine.... PS I have given mine to my son as well
  3. Z: I'll bet youe son appreciates you getting this! Your a good Carver Dad! Robert
  4. I have a tube TV in my Apartment BR. Rock on! Robert
  5. So very Cool. you are my hero!
  6. Welcome Bill, glad your with us. This is a great place to be if you love high end audio, especially Carver!
  7. Great addition Steve! Rod is a nice guy! Rock on......
  8. P.S. I love the blue lights (or atleast looks blue) on the amps!
  9. Nice setup, I'll bet you enjoy that!
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