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  1. I hear ya, corona simply has no respect or the common decency to stay out of people’s lives!
  2. Let me guess, you're a drummer?😎
  3. Thanks to all for the warm welcome, pretty active site here, looking forward to the interaction. Well I did a total tear-down of the amp, recapped it, redid the wiring, replaced the speaker terminals and RCA jacks with higher quality ones, replace the mains filter with a better one and implemented diverse revisions mentioned in the service manual. There’s really no such thing as a favorite tube for me in the realm of guitar-amps, since the tonal colorations that come with various tube-types is the toolbox for creating the sound/tone one needs for the job at hand (rock, metal, blues
  4. Hello all, I’m an electronics/software engineer and an old Carver fan since the late 70’s early 80’s. I currently own a TFM-42 and a small TFM-15 which I’ve upgraded, serviced and recapped. The TFM-42 is driving a pair of JBL 4425’s in my home Studio and the TFM-15 is currently driving a pair of JBL L65’s and sometimes a pair of JBL L100’s in the living room. I’ve gone through a lot of equipment over the past 40 years but got hung up on the Carver/JBL sound in my environment and my music (rock, blues, metal and so on), which mainly comes out of this era. I’ve also done a lot of restorati
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