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Everything posted by Charlie

  1. Happy Birthday Michael and may you have many more...
  2. Welcome aboard @The Long Ear ! We're glad you found us!
  3. Greetings @nautinut ! We're glad to have you aboard!!!
  4. Walter Chancellor Jr - "Beautiful Day" released April 2019
  5. Happy Birthday Greg!!! May you have many more!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Will!!! May you have many more!!!
  7. Greetings Ron and welcome to Carversite!!! Rod gave you some solid info on your amp; I agree....
  8. Uriah Heep at the Orlando Sports Stadium 1971 (16 years old); first experience with psychedelic drugs - great concert!...
  9. Sam Rucker "Redemption" released August 2018
  10. Tony Saunders "All About Love" released July 2021
  11. Happy Birthday Owen!!! May you have many more!!!
  12. I would recommend Greg Garska; he owns Nelion Restoration and does excellent work. Over the the last few years he has restored over 25 Carver amps, preamps, etc of mine with outstanding results. You can't go wrong... https://nelionaudio.com/
  13. GTF - "Always" released July 2015
  14. When the Boogyman goes to bed, he checks the closet for Chuck Norris...
  15. "I'm pretty sure that bug is poisonous..."
  16. "I see you forgot to disconnect the battery..."
  17. Impressive amount of gear! You'll fit right in with the rest of us!
  18. Greetings @mddawson ! We're glad to have you aboard!!!
  19. May your day be wonderful and you have many more!!!
  20. Charlie

    Favorite Quotes

    "The Difficult We Do Immediately - The Impossible Takes A Little Longer" -Charles Alexandre de Calonne
  21. Marshall Charloff - "Unperfect" released Nov 2020
  22. BE'NE MUSIC (Benny Kyler) - Midnite Masala released 2/2021
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