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Amazon Prime Music

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Thoughts on Amazon prime music?  The streaming sections seems decent over and above the digital copies of the vinyl albums I have purchased.
And added bonus for me is I am able to play through the company network without being blocked by a firewall (yet)
Seems equal to Pandora and the other streaming service.  Since I am already a Prime subscriber its yet another feature for less than $100 a year  

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I rue the day Beats bought MOG.... MOG was my thing.... I'm still rocking my 60 day free trial of Beats, but once it becomes pay to play, I may switch to Spotify......
Didn't know Amazon streamed music.  May have to check that out too.  Though I think Spotify is what I want (Squeezebox compatible).
Be interested in your thoughts....

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Well I am already a Prime subscriber but originally it was for upgraded 2 days shipping. I order a lot from Amazon.


Over and above the 2 day shipping I get Prime video, not a big TV person but my wife and I enjoy watching seasons of ( fill in blank here ) I also Netflix, but do not have Cable TV. I am still able to donate my money to Charter for their fine high speed service (add lots of laughter here)


I read, at times, a lot. I had some beni's from Amazon books through Prime, but just recently went to their unlimited (10/mtn) which pays for itself in the couple books I read a month.


As a Amazon Prime I get a certain amount of cloud storage for music (might apply to non-prime???) When I purchase vinyl through Amazon (new) Amazon loads a digital copy into my cloud of which I can D/L and burn to cd. Although being a Linux user, I have to D/L singular songs, not the whole album at once. (not a big deal)


Now, I can access over a million songs/albums through my Prime membership and listen on phone app and computer. Not tried it on my ROKU setup I have hooked into the system.


Quality sounds equal to MOG and Pandora One IMO but all the listening has been with headphones (in ear)


I forgot the exact amount of Prime now, but its right at $100 or less per year. For all I get I am happy.


As far as MOG I was following your lead until BEATS now Apple which really blows (not a big Apple Itune fan)


Dang as I look back over this post maybe Amazon is Big Brother???

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