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  1. I will once it arrives :).
  2. It’s stock. Haven’t got to mods yet. And if I'm looking at this right it might be worse than what I have now... AT11E Frequency response: 15-25000Hz Output: 4.8mV Channel balance: 1.5dB Stylus shape: 0.4 x 0.7 mil elliptical Cantilever: thin wall Tracking force: 1.5 to 2.5g Cartridge weight: 5.5g Replacement stylus assembly: ATS11E (green) Carbon Frequency response: 20 to 20,000Hz Output voltage: 3.5mV Channel balance: within 2.5dB Stylus: 0.6 mil Cantilever: carbon Tracking force: 1.5 to 2.5g Weight: 5.0g Replacement stylus: ATN-91
  3. Ok guys, here is what I've got coming in to try. A buddy is giving me a Grado Carbon Cartridge with needle. Here are the specs: Output: 2.5mV at 1kHz Stylus: User replaceable. Fixing: Standard, two screws Cantilever: Carbon Colour: Black/White Tracking Pressure 2-3g Here are the specs of the AT11E for comparison Generating element: dual moving magnet Frequency response: 15-25000Hz Output: 4.8mV Channel balance: 1.5dB Stylus shape: 0.4 x 0.7 mil elliptical Stylus construction: bonded Cantilever: thin wall Tracking force: 1.5 to 2.5g Cartridge weight: 5.5g So I'm wondering what I need to put the loading on the C-1 as, and also if spec wise how this compares to the others. I see differences in the numbers but dont know what that equates to honestly. Once again the Turntable is a Techics SL-B3 and your help appreciated.
  4. I prob need one of the testers at some point... rehabbing a old tube console lol
  5. LOL.... yeah, I'm bringing home a label maker tomorrow from work so I can start labeling and disconnecting things so I can pull the tube amp out to check the tubes, get more pics, and clean the chassis. Then the tuner and input selector will get the same treatments. I'm leaving the TT for now, if I remove it, I will just clean it up so it looks brand new, its not ever going to be used. If it "does" work, thats a plus just so I can know its fully functional, but thats it...
  6. So Greg..... your saying you'd be happy to take on my console then eh ??
  7. As a FYI there is another member from here in your backyard (also in NC IIRC) Sea, who has also repaired ribbons in the past. He uses a diff material but it’s been heard, touched and signed off in by Bob Carver. Might be another option for you once they comeback
  8. That’s pretty cool info! Thanks!
  9. Its what Mark uses to clean out his ears with instead of cutips ?
  10. Well I dug into my old posts (knew I mentioned it somewhere). Its a AT11E Found that info here...... Wonder if its worth upgrading the cart or headshell or just leave it as is.... the TT works fine but dont want to put a lot of lipstick on a pig of a TT so to speak....
  11. Maybe you can lol...... I haven't tried it since its working and from what I can tell I dont feel I'm "missing" anything...... It sounds DAMMMNED GOOD! I forgot how good OLD Vinyl sounds..... This is the first time I've hooked this up in about 2 years since I didnt have a phono pre....... I just felt like playing with this as my Tube Console will be mated with this TT later when I get it recapped and modded to accept a external TT (rather than the built in one), as well as add a line level input for a chromecast audio....
  12. I’m running a Technics SL-B3 TT and need help identifying a cartridge. I don’t want to screw w removing it if I don’t have to. Just trying to make sure I got the loading on my Carver C-1 right. Ive got it hooked up to Phono 1 w the infrasonic filter engaged. Not a clue what loading to use for the cartridge so i think it’s set at the middle which I think is 140?? My system is a hodge lodge of a bunch of things right now. The TT path is as follows TT —> C-1 -> Anthem MRX 500 -> Soundstream D-1 monos -> AV123 ELT525T towers and a Polk MicroPro 2000 sub. The rest of the gear bypasses the C-1 so it’s basixally a phono pre since my Anthem didn’t have a phono input. The Carvers volume is about 50% as Greg said that’s where it’s closest to perfect level wise (or I think he said that sometime lol). At 50% I feel like it’s fine. I’ve got it really low on then Anthem right now and it’s perfect. Listening to my Dads old LP collection!
  13. If you have more than one DA-2 (the rackmount ones), let me know what you'd want for them.... I might be interested in snagging them for a pair of subs I want to build... they match up quite well either to run as a bridged 8 ohm, or dual 4 ohm loads...
  14. NO... NO PARTY BARN REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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