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  1. I will once it arrives :).
  2. It’s stock. Haven’t got to mods yet. And if I'm looking at this right it might be worse than what I have now... AT11E Frequency response: 15-25000Hz Output: 4.8mV Channel balance: 1.5dB Stylus shape: 0.4 x 0.7 mil elliptical Cantilever: thin wall Tracking force: 1.5 to 2.5g Cartridge weight: 5.5g Replacement stylus assembly: ATS11E (green) Carbon Frequency re
  3. Ok guys, here is what I've got coming in to try. A buddy is giving me a Grado Carbon Cartridge with needle. Here are the specs: Output: 2.5mV at 1kHz Stylus: User replaceable. Fixing: Standard, two screws Cantilever: Carbon Colour: Black/White Tracking Pressure 2-3g Here are the specs of the AT11E for comparison Generating element: dual moving magnet Frequency response: 15-25000Hz Output: 4.8mV Channel balance: 1.5dB Stylus shape: 0.4 x 0.7 mil elliptical Stylus construction: bond
  4. LOL.... yeah, I'm bringing home a label maker tomorrow from work so I can start labeling and disconnecting things so I can pull the tube amp out to check the tubes, get more pics, and clean the chassis. Then the tuner and input selector will get the same treatments. I'm leaving the TT for now, if I remove it, I will just clean it up so it looks brand new, its not ever going to be used. If it "does" work, thats a plus just so I can know its fully functional, but thats it...
  5. So Greg..... your saying you'd be happy to take on my console then eh ??
  6. As a FYI there is another member from here in your backyard (also in NC IIRC) Sea, who has also repaired ribbons in the past. He uses a diff material but it’s been heard, touched and signed off in by Bob Carver. Might be another option for you once they comeback
  7. That’s pretty cool info! Thanks!
  8. Its what Mark uses to clean out his ears with instead of cutips ?
  9. Well I dug into my old posts (knew I mentioned it somewhere). Its a AT11E Found that info here...... Wonder if its worth upgrading the cart or headshell or just leave it as is.... the TT works fine but dont want to put a lot of lipstick on a pig of a TT so to speak....
  10. Maybe you can lol...... I haven't tried it since its working and from what I can tell I dont feel I'm "missing" anything...... It sounds DAMMMNED GOOD! I forgot how good OLD Vinyl sounds..... This is the first time I've hooked this up in about 2 years since I didnt have a phono pre....... I just felt like playing with this as my Tube Console will be mated with this TT later when I get it recapped and modded to accept a external TT (rather than the built in one), as well as add a line level input for a chromecast audio....
  11. I’m running a Technics SL-B3 TT and need help identifying a cartridge. I don’t want to screw w removing it if I don’t have to. Just trying to make sure I got the loading on my Carver C-1 right. Ive got it hooked up to Phono 1 w the infrasonic filter engaged. Not a clue what loading to use for the cartridge so i think it’s set at the middle which I think is 140?? My system is a hodge lodge of a bunch of things right now. The TT path is as follows TT —> C-1 -> Anthem MRX 500 -> Soundstream D-1 monos -> AV123 EL
  12. NO... NO PARTY BARN REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I still have his phone number, and remember the last time we talked. I was thinking about going active with my speakers and was talking to him as he was the expert on the subject.
  14. This setup is MUCH more ideal. I need to redo room correction, but I like it better. The sweet spot is the entire couch and I think the results are much better already.
  15. Thanks Dennis. That's one reason I haven't changed it. Mark, it is indeed. I'm gonna throw a movie on later tonight after I rerun ARC. I also moved things around and it looks MUCH better!
  16. You know its the truth when the person IN the picture goes "Dadyy, was dat me as a babbbyyy? Dat looks like my binkie, I dont have that anymore, you an mommy thuw it way".... Pic is about 2 years old and I dont know what the best recent family pic we have is of all 4 of us hehehe....
  17. Perfect timing. I was still within the window of being able to edit the original post, so I did
  18. Here are pictures of the rack now that its got 2 doors. Left side from top to bottom: HTPC running Plex for media | Anthem MRX-500 | APC H15 Right side from top to bottom: Pioneer LD-S1 laserdisc player | Carver C-1 Pre-amp | Nintendo Wii, Roku 3, Cisco Switch | LP's, Laserdics and Netgear ReadyNAS Plus backup/music server The Speakers are Usher V-601's on Sanus Ultimate 22" stands filled with sand and spiked. In the back corner there is a Outlaw LFM-1 sub on a Auralex Gramma subriser. Speaker Cables are Furez 10/2 with basic terminations. I'm looking to upgrade the binding posts to s
  19. So I haven't posted my loft setup in a bit, but I felt the need to. Both to thank Ed (MorJet) and also show Mark (DaddyJT) I haven't forgotten his nice Karma years ago either. There is also another piece thanks to Ar9Jim. I drove 10 hours roundtrip last night to Grand Rapids Michigan to pickup 2 Salamander Synergy units I found on Craigslist. Ed (MorJet) was GRACIOUS ENOUGH to help secure them for me last weekend, and I sincerely appreciate his help in doing so. I also got to hear his Carver Amazings, which was the first time I got to hear them setup properly. We chatted briefly, bu
  20. Re: Cable Management Thankfully due to the large distance between sections I was able to route most of the powercables in a single section from the APC to the 2 NAS and HTPC. Additionally as the TV is NOT networked, by putting the switch and all the networked devices (except the Roku 3) in one section it allowed me to cut down on connections running from one side to the other. I will probably seek out some super short LAN cables to try to cut down on the extra cable that is wrapped together in that section. Additionally it helped that I only have 2 HDMI devices, the HTPC and then th
  21. Loner_T - When I said "Salamander" it was shorthand for "Salamander Synergy" which is the brand and model of the rack that is in the room now. The older one was in the first set of pics and you can barely see the mounting bracket for the TV in a couple of the updated pics. AndrewJohn - the room is pretty well set, once the kids get older and the camper gets retired the rack will just get centered in the room, and we may rotate the couch a bit. Beyond that we discussed leaving the room like that baring switching out the seating as the furniture ages and breaks dcl - yeah, my wife boug
  22. So as everyone knows I gave up my loft a year ago for the kids... Well I kinda took it back a little bit lol.... My wife bought my kids a play camper that was HUGE (80" long x 40" wide x 47" tall). Figuring out where to put it was a PAIN. Then to make it worse, I scored a Salamander rack for a price I simply couldn't pass it up. It didnt fit in my car but I made it work and it arrived at home safe. So today due to some kid issues I had to stay home from work, so I rearranged the setup. I flipped the room around to what it should have been from the
  23. Yeah, I miss mine. I cant wait till next April when I get to purchase the Salamander Synergy Triple Thirty system for my HT and if I'm lucky a single 30 or 40 for the loft too.
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