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Pandora vs. Spotify

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Many thanks for everyone who has posted here.  Your thoughts and opinions have been helpful.  Based on comments here, I'm going to sign up for a subscription to Tidal and see how it goes. 
I my also purchase an OPPO Sonica DAC as a replacement for the Transporter.
Thanks again. 

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I buy CD's for a buck ($1 each) at Goodwill.  Or in mass, on Craigslist when people are "dumping" their collections for pennies on the dollar.  I'll never listen to them all.  (I've collected Cassettes too, this way.) 
Sure, I don't get the "latest" releases, but I'm old, and like the older stuff - so I'm not missing much relative to my listening repertoire.  
For CD's It feels like 1992 again, when you could almost drive down the street and see people's entire Vinyl collections on the street for the garbage pick-up. People be kickin' themselves now!
On a road trip, I can't find XM radio all that great (maybe No Shoes Radio - but most of it is not doing it for me) and I do FM to see what is playing regional, when driving across the country - but mostly play CD's, or ripped music I have on my phone. 
You sound like me.  I do the same thing.  I don't use streaming services at all.  I am not against them, I either listen to FM for the new stuff, or find more older stuff I like.  I am an 80's music guy, so I am old too and like the "older stuff".......grin
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