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Dickens - Christmas Carol - Audio Book - reading by Doug Brown

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Here in Iowa, we used to have a radio book club on Public Radio station. A long time reader was Doug Brown, who has now passed away.
This is his reading of Charles Dickens - Christmas Carol. Of course you guys know the story, but this is an excellent reading of the book. It is in the public domain, so no copyright issues.
We typically listen while cooking, wrapping presents - you know, Christmas Stuff. Really, it is entertaining, Doug Brown always did a good job.
Share as much as you wish, and enjoy.
Merry Christmas to all. 
(this is a new location for the file, let me know if there any issues downloading). 
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Huh, well darn. G-Drive does say "share" and "anyone can view" but maybe that doesn't mean download. It's just an MP3.
I generated a link again, and I'll go read to see if download is possible. I used to have a website that I put these things on, but don't have that anymore.
 New Link: (it does look diff, has "sharing" at the end of link)
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Also his reading of The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux --- among many others --- was superb. Would love to locate that if a version exists online.

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