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  1. That last file had some corruption in it, so I've repaired that but now I have a new link. If mods could clean up this thread, I couldn't edit the posts. Here's the new link, should be good for the forseeable future. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w4TuWQz0RqCNHiXunwtRcxc58g-aWJp4/view?usp=sharing
  2. This is a bit interesting to me. A few years ago, I completed a C1 BillD (mostly) modification. After that BillD mod, I tried matching that C1 with a few different amps\speakers that I have (all MOTL) and I couldn't find a good match. That C1 just sounded thin, and I just couldn't like it. I put it in the closet. Recently, I've acquired a m200t for repair and I bought it, since I'm a glutton for punishment and wanted a "matching' anthracite carver to match the C1. So, that repair happened and the m200t is now a happy amp. Of course, Covid homebound me is swapping a
  3. Dingman

    Various Misc

  4. Dingman

    Carver C-1 - BillD build

    Just a couple of photos from my C-1 BillD that I did in 2017
  5. I certainly understand what you're saying. I haven't reached your age yet but I've also thought about making a similar list. We have simply too much gear to just let it be sold off by people who don't know what it's worth. Obviously, we need to put the mods and assumed value in the list. Good luck to all of us. Good job on being proactive.
  6. That's all amazing. Everything - the units, the work, the enclosure. Very Impressive.
  7. Huh, well darn. G-Drive does say "share" and "anyone can view" but maybe that doesn't mean download. It's just an MP3. I generated a link again, and I'll go read to see if download is possible. I used to have a website that I put these things on, but don't have that anymore. New Link: (it does look diff, has "sharing" at the end of link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w4TuWQz0RqCNHiXunwtRcxc58g-aWJp4/view?usp=sharing
  8. Here in Iowa, we used to have a radio book club on Public Radio station. A long time reader was Doug Brown, who has now passed away. This is his reading of Charles Dickens - Christmas Carol. Of course you guys know the story, but this is an excellent reading of the book. It is in the public domain, so no copyright issues. We typically listen while cooking, wrapping presents - you know, Christmas Stuff. Really, it is entertaining, Doug Brown always did a good job. Share as much as you wish, and enjoy. Merry Christmas to all. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iZe9W3PKSP-Hq8yBhm03OZVtJepnV
  9. Interesting, we have some of the same tastes apparently - But I do stray from the norm somewhat. Joes' Garage - Frank Zappa Dreamboat Annie - Heart Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield Add it up - Violent Femmes Kill Bill Vol. 1 - Assorted Alice Cooper - Goes to Hell Great Film Fantasies - Erich Kunzel (Cincinnati Pops Orchestra) O'Brother, Where are thou? - Assorted (movie soundtracks, this is a must listen) I know there's some there off the beaten path - but very good stuff there. Of course, not every track on every album, like Kill Bill has a couple shorts that are really weird, and I skip.
  10. I wish it were a good rant. Even as I was in the middle of it, I knew - it wasn't good. Practice makes perfect. LOL, I like the way you think.
  11. I wish it were a good rant. Even as I was in the middle of it, I knew - it wasn't good.
  12. Apologies to all who witnessed or was the subject of my abusive tirade a few weeks ago. (edit: about a week - can't keep up with events) I was completely out of line. It won't happen again. Take care, all, Dingman.
  13. These pics are about 10 years old - I was in northern Iowa, outside temps were about -15°. Cold enough, there were a lot of ice crystals in the air, and that's what forms the "sun candle" and the 'sun dogs". I only had a crappy camera, too bad I didn't have a nice camera. I stopped on the side of a road to take these - very cold!
  14. Greets. Post often and randomly.
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