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  1. I'm not good at social media and didn't update you guys with my new bike - spoiler, I didn't get the Anthracite (sad face). But I have a blood red\maroon fade that's pretty cool. As I said above, it is a 2018 Domane SL8. I was delivered last July, I got about a 1K mikes on it before winter hit. It is themed off of "Smaug" from Lord of the Rings. You'll see several touches for that effect, LOL. The bike is named Smaug, although the text on the bike is elvish, so you can't really read it. It's a fun bike but still evolving, for example, I just put a set of aerobars on it, and some Garmin attachments.
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    Various Misc

  3. Dingman

    2270 balance 01.jpg

    From the album: Various Misc

    Original seems to have had a hard life
  4. From the album: Various Misc

    caption is correct - balance control, new from China - isn't balanced. Doh, what did I expect from China.
  5. Dingman

    Carver C-1 - BillD build

    Just a couple of photos from my C-1 BillD that I did in 2017
  6. From the album: Carver C-1 - BillD build

    My own C-1 with BillD mods that I did in 2017
  7. I certainly understand what you're saying. I haven't reached your age yet but I've also thought about making a similar list. We have simply too much gear to just let it be sold off by people who don't know what it's worth. Obviously, we need to put the mods and assumed value in the list. Good luck to all of us. Good job on being proactive.
  8. Merry Christmas fellers and families. We also got some snow, just in time - Christmas here just isn't right without snow - it's a good day.
  9. Hey jidnei, that looks sweeeeet! Man, I'm gonna have to test ride a fat bike, people won't stop telling me how nice they are - and sounds like once you get the wheels turning, it's not so bad? I think a few guys around here with fat bikes are a bit bummed, we've had zero snow so far this year. What's that Sturgis Bullet gonna weigh in at? I can't quite see - SRAM in the rear?
  10. That's all amazing. Everything - the units, the work, the enclosure. Very Impressive.
  11. Jim, Looks like you are in the Trek world as well. I thought about a Madone but have test ridden both and really like the front\read vibration dampening on the Domane SL®6(8). And I already have the nice lightweight Emoda and man, is that a hill climber. I'm weighing in a about 125lbs, and with the 16lb stiff Emonda, I do really well on the small hills we have here in Iowa - and the acceleration is fantastic. So, the next will be a Domane and ya, I might get the Di2. It's been out long enough, it has enough history for me to be confident it won't be failing in a few years. I'm not crazy about extra batteries but I guess thats just part of the package. I have several friends who are practically demanding that I try\buy a fat bike. I'm resisting, but it sure looks like a fun, versatile ride. That would sure extend the riding season, for sure. I also have a gravel bike but it doesn't fit me as well and I mostly use it for commuting and errands. Good luck with the new fat bike! Come back and show us some pics too, I want to see.
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