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  1. I just connected the Oppo right and left front RCA to the C-1. I play all stereo CD's this way. HDMI to the AV receiver for movies.
  2. Happy Birthday Bob. Thanks for designing all the toys that rock my house!
  3. morris

    New Jazz Albums

    This thread is going cause me to buy several more albums.
  4. I have used Novus 1 and sometimes 2 on scuffed CD's. Use #3 with care. Amazon link
  5. When I was at Lone Star Audio Fest, Joshua Miles of JWM Acoustics recommended this Album by Ray Brown. It's a dual 45RPM LP. I bought it and can't argue with Josh's recommendation. Especially if you like jazz.
  6. The ratio on an igloo's circumference to it's diameter = Eskimo Pi
  7. Welcome to the Carversite! Kevin. Tell us more about your system. We like pics too.
  8. morris

    Pandora vs. Spotify

    A couple years ago, at Lone Star Audio Fest, DSKIP had tidal on his phone feeding a bluetooth tube amplifier. I was quite impressed.
  9. Browsing eBay... There are many different covers.
  10. I am a member of hifiengine and have had no issues. I've downloaded a few of their manuals.
  11. Your C-11 does seem a bit faded. Maybe try some furniture cleaner/polish to see if it helps. Here's a pic of my C-11 on top of the TFM-24. Both are black, but the TFM-24 has a bit more gloss.
  12. I based my reply on this... I did not think changing R238/R338 changed the phono gain.
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