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14 hours ago, DrummerJuice said:

Anyone think there is something to this? 




I made a post ago about spectral slits, and about how removing information in specific bands will go unnoticed, and may be preferable.  The study you posted also makes use of spectral slits and accomodation.


TL;DR  all of a human's sensory networks are in a constant state of accomodation. (e.g. your eyes dilate and contract in response to available light).  Given a choice, your senses would much rather NOT process anything (that means everything is groovy, there's no danger, you are safe), and they are always trying to do the least amount of work possible.


That post I made included some information on masking; whereby some sounds can interrupt the intelligibility, or even the detection of other sounds (fighting for the same spectral slits).


White noise (equal energy at all frequencies) is perfectly smooth, as compared to pink noise (equal energy at all octaves), so it induces a state of calm; your sense of hearing accomodates to this by shutting down (not all the way, but into one-eye-open mode; keeping watch for tigers in the wood, but not paying attention to anything specific.


In that more relaxed state, brought on by the white noise exposure, your sense of hearing should be even better than when everything is silent

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