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Newbie Seeking replacement for broken remote

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I'm still using a Carver 6200 receiver bought in the 80's, but my remote had an accident and no longer works.

Am I dreaming to think someone out there  might have one that I could buy?



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On 5/6/2023 at 12:20 AM, B Aldrich said:

Am I dreaming to think someone out there might have one that I could buy?


Best place to find an original, is to put a "search" with "notifications" on ebay..., there are a lot of listings there for old remotes from people that find them between the couch pillows, after selling their receiver.


I'd search on text "Carver Remote" and look at each listing..., often, people don't recall what model receiver/component the remote they are listing matched to, and they are not listed by "6200"..., And, since you had one, you know what to look for by how it "looks" (button layout, size, etc.)


That's the best way to locate an original remote.  But it may take patience over weeks, and even months.  But it will produce, eventually.


Remotes.com will find an aftermarket remote.


You might also post a picture of your broken remote..., I have a box of old Carver remotes, for example, and others here might, too.  But I don't know what they fit.  and one of us might have one that is the right one for the 6200 (we don't have the manual, I just checked, so I can't see the layout...)


Good luck!

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