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  1. Who, sorry? Ha! - I thought that went without saying..!
  2. +1 on what KVE77 said.. - The days of needing a 100w Marshall & two 412s has long gone (thank god!) Small valve (tube) amps miked up for electric guitar, take a line out from the bass and plumb into the PA, mike the kit and any other instruments such as brass. I'd take a line wherever possible from acoustic instruments such as guitars, banjos and mandolins assuming they have some form of internal pick-up. I've used many systems over the years (I've been an audio engineer for more than 15 years) and all the mentioned above are on the money. The best I've used are without doubt EAW KF series speakers ran with Lab Gruppen amps and an Ashly Protea controller but thats big £££ although EAW do smaller systems too. L'Acoustics are excellent (their ARCS series horn is clever) as are Turbo Sound but again, thats all big £££. Bang for buck, I'd go with Yamaha or Electrovoice as their products are usually superb as long as you stay away from the low budget ranges although to be fair, even they're largely ok. A local venue has recently had a refit with soome active EV enclosures and it sounds pretty sweet.. Consider you may need stage monitors, microphones, stands and of course a mixer (i'd go digital) too! Lastly it might seem madness to mike everything up - it's not to make everything louder despite what some think - it's to give much more control over all the sounds and make the final mix a far more believable sonic picture of what the musicians are creating. This is especially true in an out-door scenario. Plus the on-stage sound will be far more balanced which will keep them happier as anything plugged into the system can be sent to an onstage monitor speaker.. So to sum up.. Speakers: Yamaha, EV, JBL, Turbo, EAW, Funktion One, L'Acoustics etc.. Amps: Crown, Crest, QSC, Lab Gruppen, Yamaha, FFA, MC2.. Mixer: Yamaha, Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, Mackie are the usual suspects.. As ever buy the best you can afford!
  3. Looks like I'm a bit late to the party.. I have voted to keep the sites separate as this site is one of the friendliest I frequent. The knowledge base is excellent and even though I kinda skirt around the edge of the Carver world (I only own one and it's ill although I used to have two), I've found other common interests in the line of audio and some great characters.
  4. You must post pix of that Steve! My friend Stu has a Lightning X1 which has recently had a rebuild. It now sports refinished forks, a new shock, the race spec tweaked ECU and Wiseco high compression pistons, S+S crank etc.. It's a monster and he loves it! Not the best pic you get the idea.. Although I prefer.. Especially when I get opportunity to ride it on roads like this..
  5. Keep on Truckin' indeed! Will do! Although it's more keep on biking in my case, Yamahas and Hondas are cheaper than Scanias and Kenworths! Ha!
  6. Many thanks gents, you're all very kind! I'll make a point to pop in more often, haven't been spending much time online of late. Thanks again!
  7. Many thanks for the kind words guys.. I'm sad to say none of it was mixed on a Carver, most of it has been done with ropey old speakers and those glowing glass tubes that some of us hold so dear..
  8. It's very simple and user friendly which is why it suits me! I had a look at that reverbnation too but it didn't appeal in the same way SoundCloud did. Many thanks for the kind words, glad you liked the tunes!
  9. A number of friends and family suggested I put some of my music online.. So I did! Let me know if anyone likes or otherwise. http://soundcloud.com/vtypev4
  10. VTypeV4

    PDRs stuff

    Very, very sweet indeed!
  11. Ta! Just need some more amps now! And a HiFi rig of course!
  12. OCCD: I do think I have the bug, just wish there was more Carver gear this side of the pond..
  13. I love valve amps too, there's definatley something about those glowing bottles! Mr W, it would be great to get my hands on a copy of that to sort my PT out, cheers man! Cheers men!
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