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  1. That's awesome Kevin... Truly is a remarkable system.. I'll have 7t's or 9t's one day..one day I've never seen a black 4000 pre-amp... I like it.. MCP
  2. I need to try that..., I hadn't thought of it before. I've done that a bunch.... running LaScala's and Chorus at the same time..... It's like "SUPER STEREO" Very Nice System Cuda' MCP :-)
  3. Oh YEA..... Awesome for sure... HUGE Klipsch fan here.... K-horns and a Bell for center duty and I take it there Heresys in the rear... Awesome set up for sure... I have yet too own K-Horns or Bells..... on my list again really nice.... MCP :-)
  4. IMHO........ I would not use bare wire in the speakers or connected to any amp. All my speaker cables have connectors on them or there tinned with solder so there is no loose looking wires. Just saying MCP :-)
  5. Hey nettlecreek welcome to the forum. Good luck with your amp repair. Looking forward to your pics. I love the Carver amps with Klipsch speakers. I'm a huge Klipsch fan. Again good luck and welcome to the forum... MCP :-)
  6. Just want to welcome to the forum el_wato..... I'm sure some of the tech guys can help you out..... enjoy your gear... MCP :-)
  7. Welcome to the site, Thanks for the pics.......You have a great collection of gear for sure. I too have love for the Polk SDA's. I stumbled on a pair of 2.3 for $350 a few years back. My wife didn't want them, but once we got out to the guys house that was selling them she quickly changed her mind..... Once she saw and herd them she whispered in my ear "OMG he only wants $350 for them" Love the 9t's..... would love to have a pair of them..... one day..... one day... Enjoy your gear...... enjoy your music...... enjoy the Carver Site MCP :-)
  8. Very nice system Chops Thanks for the pics..... MCP :-)
  9. LOL suddenly stopping at 30 MPH is a lot different than suddenly stopping at 120 mph That's true but I often am well over the 3 digit mark. It doesn't take long to get there. Wife holla's anytime she here's the engine roar a little. Better watch that Randy..... your wife might hide that "RED" key from you.....lol lol MCP :-)
  10. Yes, a Happy New Year to all... It was great meeting some of you guys this past year and look forward to meeting more friends. Wishing all a great 2017.... MCP :-)
  11. Got some 70's playing in da house........ MCP :-)/yetanotherforum/uploadfiles/20161127154427282.jpg
  12. Welcome to the forum Abynormal..... This is really a great forum...... So many great members here helping you spend your hard earned money..... lol lol Enjoy your gear.... yes would love to see some pics.... MCP :-)
  13. Dav-Em..... Love the avatar.....now that's funny MCP :-)
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