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  1. Thanks Weitrhino, I tried the vinylengine.com site again and everything worked out great, and downloaded the manuals I needed.
  2. thanks, I tried them once before and ended up with a virus
  3. Hello everyone I haven't been on for a while coz iv'e been so busy lately. Just bought a Harman Kardon st-8 turntable and was wondering if anybody has any info on where to get parts for it since they don't make them anymore. Iv'e tried e-bay and amazon but can't seem to find much on them. Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  4. thanks Chops, and Jazzman53 for the heads up on Elizabeth Shepherd I'm listening to her now on youtube and and she has some really great sounding stuff
  5. I too got into the crazy world of HI-Fidelity in a similar way. I don't remember what the system was but when I heard Pink Floyd's breath It felt like my own heart beating. Since then (I think in 1973) I have been obsessed with finding the perfect sound system. Most of today's equipment just doesn't stack up to the vintage units that are out there. Good luck and welcome to the forums
  6. I just joined the hifiengine site, It worked great thanks guy's
  7. do you have to be a member?
  8. can anyone tell me if the (hifiengine) website is a safe one? I am looking for an owners manual for an SAE 180 equalizer. any help would be grateful thanks
  9. Happy New Year to you all
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