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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind words and wishes as well as the light humor. I can always use a bit of humor. I finally got in the second amp today and hooked it up on my lunch break. Rushed in the house, slapped it together, got it running, rushed back out to work. Since I have been using the one amp for a while now on the fullrange drivers, I'm just running the other one on the woofers, so horizontal bi-amping. I'll give it a couple weeks for both of them, then move them onto the racks where they belong and vertical bi-amp like before. @PhilDent, as for as the sound between the M-500t MkII's and the STA 9's, one thing that stood out right away was that I had to zero out the highest treble EQ on the dbx when I installed the first STA 9. It has a lot of top end energy, which does NOT mean it's bright or thin. It's not. It's still silky smooth and refined as the MkII's just more open I guess you would call it. It's midrange is a touch more forward as well, giving a little more vibrance to both male and female vocals. Piano really comes across very life like and with proper scale. With the amp that showed up today which is running the bass drivers, even at quiet (sub 75 dB) levels, the bass is tactile and tight. It's hard to explain, but it's like the mallet is right there striking the skin in the room. There's also more "depth" to the bass, meaning depth in sound stage in the bass, not extension, though that is there in strides as well. I know it seems weird, but there's depth and "air" in the bass. This is more of a trait I have noticed going from traditional box speakers to open baffle speakers, not necessarily between amps. Are they better or worse than the Carver amps? No, just different. They seem to be a better match to my speakers as they seem to bring out more of that "open baffle" sound more than anything else. I can definitely say one thing, the NuPrime STA 9 amps are the most non-digital sounding digital amps I have ever heard. The overall sound is more cozy and personable, especially with recordings that have minimal to no acoustics. It makes it seem as though the musicians and singers are right in the room with me. Keep in mind though, I am also using these with the Halo P5 preamp which sounds different than the BillD C-1 or modded 4000t, not to mention everything from the Oppo to the P5 to the dbx to the STA 9's is now all balanced connections. I'm sure that may have something to do with it as well. And a few new pics...
  2. Okay, after a bunch of running around today, I finally got these last two pieces shipped off (MRX-130 and M-500t MkII). I informed Jon, Bob and Kevin and sent them all the tracking #'s. So all of that is finally done and taken care of. In other news, dad has been going through some health issues, went in for one thing, then went right back in a few days later for something different. Now he's been there for the past 4 days with an IV stuck in him and no food at all, some pain, and some sleep. Work is another story totally, and don't really want to get into it at the moment. Too damn depressing, disappointing and stressed to talk about. In short, I'm looking for a new job. Something NOT retail, and something with benefits. Other than dad being in the hospital (we're about to go visit him in a few) and crappy work, things are kind of looking up. During all of this stuff going on, I got in a bit of a selling frenzy after I stumbled across a bunch of old car parts that I totally forgot about and sold off a bunch of it from my old '91 Miata, both of my '13 Fiat 500 Abarth's, and my current '16 370Z. That freed up a lot of space and a decent amount of cash as well. About two weeks ago, I started thinking about how I could go about rebuilding my system. I've been in dire need of a new audio rack of some form since I out-grew my old one and because my ex uses it now, and the current book shelf thing I'm using just sucks. It rocks back and forth and stands way too high. But with that, I have to way my options with the amount of money I have from the "fire sale" I had. LOL I needed to figure out how much I would spend on an audio rack vs what I would or could spend on equipment. This is what I came up with... I have all of my gear still except for the Carver gear (preamp, tuner, and both amps). Out in the sealed off and air conditioned garage (where we store everything safely), I still had my Parasound Halo P5 preamp and my mint Yamaha TX-1000U tuner. All I need are a couple of amps and an audio rack. For quite a while now, I've been eye-balling those $99 Pangea audio racks at Audio Advisor. Naturally, they were out of the $99 black and grey ones, and I didn't want the ugly carbon fiber looking ones, so I opted for the $129 Rosenut ones, three of them in fact. While browsing on their site, I came across those little NuPrime amps. After much consideration and thought and figuring on how much $$$ I had left to work with, I decided on two silver NuPrime STA 9 amps, one of which is on back order and actually was just notified that it finally shipped today. After those purchases, I had minimal funds left, but my ex was telling me that she needed a new TV and I had thrown around the idea of upgrading from the 50" that I just bought a couple months back. There's a 65" that I was looking at but couldn't afford it. But then she came to be about buying my 50" TV, then I could buy the 65" with the rest of my money along with what she gave me for the 50". So there it is. It was either try and buy more Carver gear again and still have to use the old nasty book shelf and smaller TV, or finally get some proper audio racks and a bigger TV as well as get some amps to use my system again instead of listening via headphones. Even with the car parts sold, I wouldn't have been able to buy the Carver gear I wanted again. But I'll see how these little digital amps work. I've had one of them for a little over a week now and am quite happy with it so far, and using a little Dayton digital amp of my brother's to power the woofers. It's 25 watts is more than enough. Anyway, a few pics I'm sure are in order.
  3. EVERYTHING is officially sold and paid for. Only need to ship the amp and receiver off and it will all be gone. I want to thank everyone for giving all of this fine equipment brand new loving homes. I greatly appreciate it. It was hard to make the decision to sell, but it's done and the money went to where it needed to go, so that too is done with. So with that, things are starting to look up, hopefully more ways than one, but still a little rocky road ahead, but that's a different story. Thanks again everyone!
  4. Looks like the final piece of gear is spoken for, the first M-500t MkII I purchased. Will know for sure in the next couple of days.
  5. Thanks Kevin for the extremely generous offer , but thankfully I still have tunes. I have my Parasound Halo P5 preamp that I was never able to sell. Gives me a reason to use my old Mr.Speakers Mad Dog headphones again.
  6. Come on guys, I need this amp sold please! $700 + insured UPS Ground shipping.
  7. My SL-1700 MKII has never had any issue of any kind, other than the belt for the Auto Return drying out, easily replaced by a small rubber band back in the late 80's by my father, then by me a couple years ago with a rubber O-ring from work. Other than that, it has been flawless for the past 39 years! The only way I can imagine that the cue arm would fail is because of someone attempting to lift the tonearm while it is still locked down.
  8. Who ever said you had to limit yourself to ONLY two M-500t's? ?
  9. Okay, so the MRX-130 is sold and will be shipped up to Kevin to replace that output relay before it eventually gets sent to Bob (Herbies101). All I have left is the M-500t MkII, which I am very surprised at. I thought for sure both amps would have sold on the first day of this thread to be honest with you. At any rate, it's here and needs to be sold. Man, I hate it every time I say that... But nonetheless, it needs to be gone. I bought both amps from LT, and this being the very first one. It's been a great performer all this time and needs to find a nice new home where it can live a long, healthy, happy life. $700 + insured ground shipping
  10. Had two MX-5's myself, a 2002 NB, then upgraded to a 1991 NA. The NB was the better car, but the NA was the better MX-5.
  11. That's one reason I buy Japanese. Much cheaper to work on and they last forever. Hell, a Nissan GT-R wouldn't even be that bad to work on! Even my 370Z isn't bad to work on. I've done all the mods on it myself, including flashing the ECU with my laptop and software. The CAN bus is simple enough to work with as well.
  12. I don't see any reason why you couldn't have the MRX by the 1st of Sept. As long as Kevin can fit the repair into his schedule and get it to you in time, I'm sure it will be there in plenty of time. I can tell you right now though, with my current work schedule and my only day off being on the 4th of July, I won't be able to ship it off until the following Wednesday, the 11th. Still should give you plenty of time.
  13. Hi Herbies, Thanks, but the TX-11a is gone. Sorry. I still have the MRX-130 receiver and M-500t MkII for sale though. I need to move these last two soon. Hopefully sooner than later. And for all of the pieces that ARE sold, they were all just shipped off and those members have been notified with arrival dates and tracking numbers. Thanks again everyone! Now let's get these last two sold please!
  14. Okay, I think the TX-11a is pretty much sold as well. So now I just have these two left. M-500t MkII - $700 + shipping MRX-130 w/ custom wood cheeks - $325 + shipping
  15. These are still available... M-500t MkII - $700 + shipping TX-11a - $150 + shipping MRX-130 w/ custom wood cheeks - $325 + shipping
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