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  1. The year of the release of their most popular album, DSOTM, I pick 73.
  2. Same thing for me, I just couldn't vote for Bush again and Clinton made me nervous. I knew at the time he had basically no chance of being elected but I still voted for him anyway.
  3. I actually live in Conroe, when I first moved to Houston I lived near BW8 and I-10W not far from Katy.
  4. I would be interested. PM me some pics and your asking price when you have a chance. Although it being signed by Bob Carver his self might make me afraid to use it...lol. Thanks for the welcome! Michael
  5. I love that it has the remote mod. I’m curious why do some seem to be against adding the remote? Does it affect the unit sonically? Thanks for the info...
  6. I do appreciate all the positive replies! I’ll get some pics loaded soon.
  7. By chance are either of them upgraded with BillD mods?
  8. Good morning/day everyone. I currently live about 30 minutes north of Houston Thank you for adding me to your site. I’ve just recently moved into a house that affords me a room for me to put together my own listening room. I’m currently running a dbx DX5 CD player into an Anthem AVM -20 preamp which feeds a Carver M1.5t which keeps my Polk Audio SDA-1C.s fairly happy. Musical Concepts is updating/modding my Hafler P500 which I will swap out the Carver amp with. Then it’s off to Nellion Audio for the 1.5 to be upgraded, she really sounds tired. I hope to change preamps at some point in the future to a C-1/C-11. Plus I’m always on the look out for my next speaker upgrade. I look forward to learning a lot from this site and hope you guys see me as a good member. Thanks for your time! Michael
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