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  1. Just finished reworking the first M&K satellite. Lots of lacquer and hand polishing, but it came out better than I'd hoped. Super glossy, but you can still see the grain through them. The new drivers are SB Acoustics SB15CAC30 4ohm I got from Madisound. They are from Denmark as the original Vifa's were (not sure why I thought that mattered, but it did to me). Had to massage the face of the baskets where the two drivers meet each other, but other than that they dropped right in. The tweeters were truncated Thiel H1715-06-01 (made by Seas). Just had to open the holes a little to get them to line up and open up the cabinet a little to accommodate the different location for the wire terminals. The original Vifas had terminals at approx 4 & 8 o'clock, the new ones at 9 & 3. Still 1 more to do, but this one sounds amazing! Its been so long, I forgot just how good they sound. Still need to re-screen the grills and going to change the connectors for the speaker inputs once I figure out how to get them apart without breaking the crossover with all the hot glue holding them together. Also, the new (to me ) m1.0t arrived from Ebay. It was in better condition than they said, looks almost new inside and out and works well. Still going to update it once I finish the m1.5t, but I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. I'll attempt to post a few pics below, but the .98mb size limit seems to thwart my efforts for more than 1 or 2.
  2. Here are the two I brought in the house. A Zenith H511 racetrack radio and a Philco model 46-420 "Hippo". Both were professionally refinished by an old automotive painter friend of mine many years ago. I probably have 100-150 total some wood, mostly bakelite. Some refinished like these (only ones with cracked or damaged shells that needed body work), most are still original. My pride and joy is an all original, still working Grunow Teledial Twelve model 1291 (The Shirley Temple Radio). Thankfully, its been allowed to stay indoors always. Thanks for that info. I looked at one of the Yamahas before deciding on the Denon. Nice to get some validation that it will work as I'd hoped.
  3. Going to be working my way through my old neglected audio equipment and getting them back in the living room where they belong. I'll be posting the Carver repairs in their own threads. Equip as it stands now (pics below). I'm the original owner of all of it, anxious to bring it all back up to snuff. 2 of my 100ish old Bakelite radios ( I snuck them back into the house when no one was looking, sssshh, don't tell anyone). Carver m1.5t in need of some work it seems. Sound comes out, but very quiet and even quieter on the right than the left. Technics SL-QL1 - quickly refreshed already, installed and working perfectly. M&K S1b and V1b satellite and sub setup. In need of a FULL restoration inside and out. See the pics, already started stripping and refinishing them. Tedious, but looks like they'll come out great. Akai GXF-66RC cassette deck. Working perfectly. Just cleaned the heads and its ready to go. SVS Ultra Center channel Tiny little aluminum Celestion left and right speakers (terrible, cheap and sound awful). Sony STR-DN1080. Good surround sound receiver, works with 4k etc, but no preouts or phono input, so its on the chopping block. Coming soon: Ordered a Denon AVR-X3500h - to replace the Sony. 7.2 surround preouts, phono input and last years model so 1/2 the price of the current 3600 one. Ordered another Carver amp m1.0t (found it while trolling ebay for parts for my 1.5. Planning on using it for the center channel and the m1.5 for the L/R. Any thoughts or recommendations are always welcome.
  4. Not working. Covid casualty and was laid off a few weeks ago. This is the most time I've ever taken off work. I'm checking things of that long list of stuff I've been procrastinating on, so feeling fine and productive. Stressing my wife out though. I've disrupted her whole system, sleep schedule, errands, cleaning etc. all different with me in the house 24/7. She's tolerating me, but not sure she likes it all that much. At least my home audio revamp is moving right along!
  5. So sorry to hear about the fire and all the lost stuff. I've had two family members lose everything due to fire. All the little things were what they kept missing afterwards, the big stuff was easily replaced. Its all that personal "junk" we all accumulate over the years that tugs at our memories. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.
  6. Thanks! Once I'm eligible, I'll definitely post some pics of everything, especially the m1.5t as I refresh it. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  7. This is still out there. Oscar Meyer seasonally hire a new team of 12 highly coveted "Hotdoggers" every year to drive the weinermobile across country to special events. Thousands apply every time they post it.
  8. Just joined after discovering this site! Looks like an amazing group of fellow Carver/audio enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge. I've learned alot already just browsing the forums here. With quite a bit more time on my hands than previous to Covid, I'm beginning to work through restoring some of my too long dormant audio equipment, I bought new in the early 80's. Much to my wifes' consternation, as I get them all up and working again, they're slowly migrating back into the living spaces of our home. Just finished refreshing my old Technics SL-QL1 turntable and getti gan education on how to clean old vinyl. Now turning my attention to my Carver m1.5t to bring it back to life, then on to my M&K S1b's satellites and V1b Volkswoofer and maybe my old Akai cassette deck. Then if all goes to plan will be rounding up a couple more Carver amps to restore and use as power for a home theater.
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